Thursday, April 21, 2011

Where's Lando?--The Star Wars "Where's Waldo?"

Check out this awesome piece of Star Wars art! Pilfered with cheer from Flyguy and brought to you straight through the Kessel Run, past the Imperial Blockade, collect your 200 Credits! There's the Tardis from Doctor Who, some very lost Trekkies, Han and Leia hiding from Bossk, Batman as a Jedi, Gammoreans in love, A lego mini-figure, Boba Fett and more! See if you can spot those and find all the other crazy stuff! A fanboy's delight for sure! This is such an awesome cartoon by Ulises Farinas!


  1. Mos Eisley, my kind of party place! This piece is uber-super! Batman with a lightsaber, woohoo!

  2. It's a total Fanboy's dream! hehe spot the sci-fi references!

  3. I have found a TON of stuff so far including Wizard of Oz, Tron, Superman, Predator, Portal, Simpsons, Terminator and many others that i know are something but I can't place them! VERY cool.