Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Dark Day At Walmart

Went to Walmart today to check on the situation that seems to be sweeping the country with the overstock of Clone troopers and Sandtroopers that are clogging the shelves and keeping the newer waves of The Vintage Collection from getting stocked. To no surprise the shelves were a wreck and lots of figures were on the wrong pegs. To my horror there were at least 10 card backs, blister packs, and packages torn open and figures missing. I checked the other toy sections and the thefts were all in the Star Wars section. Makes me ashamed of these people. There were two Commander Grees stolen before I could even purchase one legitimately.

To quote Randal Graves "Bunch of savages in this town!"


  1. it is no different where i live guess their cameras are not working

  2. Dark forces are at work indeed. Really sad that some people would go to the extent of stealing toys. I'm surprise that Walmart, being the biggest retail chain, does not have enough security to prevent or discourage these thefts