Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dak Ralter: Snowspeeder Gunner--Imperial Canon Fodder

Dak Ralter, Luke's trusty co-pilot and rear gunner during the invasion of Hoth. Born to political prisoners of the Empire on Kalist VI, Dak would one day escape his captors and blast off piloting a stolen prison barge to the Rebel base located on Tierfon. He went through the Rebel pilot academy and became a successful pilot for the alliance. Years later he would co-pilot for Commander Skywalker, leader of Rogue squadron during the battle of Hoth. Before being shot he uttered the immortal line, "I feel like I could take on the whole Empire myself!" I'm sure you did, Dak, buddy. Instead they swatted him like an annoying orange fly. Dak died a hero that day. As a figure Dak is pretty cool. Offered to us as part of The Vintage Collection, Dak come with his signature Rebel pilot's helmet with it's blue Rebel Bird emblems, a Rebel blaster pistol, and an A280 blaster rifle--the preferred blaster rifle of the Rebel armory. This is a solid figure with a body assembled from the bodies of pilots from the Rebel Pilot Legacy pack. He sports a new head and a new paint job. The one glaring draw back from this figure is the fact that his head is too small and makes his helmet fit loosely and wobble around on his head. That and the fact that yet again he is also somewhat cross-eyed. Over all still a decent figure. Recommended.


  1. So that's the reason why he got hit. With a small head, loose helmet and a hail of Imperial laserfire, he was virtually a sitting Dak LOL!

  2. Ooo Zing! Haha too funny! You should do Star Wars stand up! :)