Friday, April 29, 2011

Free Comic Book Day: It's Here Again!

Hey Star Wars fans, collectors, costumers!

Free comic book day is here once again! This coming Saturday, May 7th head to your local comic shop(s) and check out this "not-to-be-missed" event! Just as the title implies this is a day when comic book stores and collectibles retailers give away free comic books! There are also appearances by creators who are doing signings, special guest appearances, costumers, and more cool free swag! The Rebel Legion and 501st Legion are known to make appearances each year too!

TK-9849 of AFE is going to be at his local comic shop making an appearance (from 12pm to 2pm) in full Stormtrooper armor! Don't miss this chance to see/meet him! He will be at Main Street Comics in Middletown NY on Saturday May 7th! This comic shop is only about an hour from Manhattan (NYC) so if you are near enough or will be in the area please stop by!

Check out the free comic book day website: FCBD  <---CLICK!
Use their 'store locator' function to find a participating store near you!

Main Street Comics FCBD details here:
Main Street FCBD Facebook  <----CLICK!

Main Street Comics Facebook Homepage: Main Street Comics!  <---CLICK!

Have fun at your local comic shop!
Hope to see you there!


Special Edition Review: Mara Jade and Bespin Fatigues Luke Skywalker

 Mara Jade:


Luke Skywalker (Bespin Fatigues)

Mara Jade was one of Emperor Palpatine's secret assassins. Known as the Emperor's Hand, Mara carried out her master's missions and maintained a strong connection to him through the force. Palpatine could contact her through his thoughts even when they were planets away from each other. After Luke and Vader killed Palpatine, Mara swore revenge. Vowing to kill Luke, she went into hiding among Talon Karrde's smuggler band. Plagued by nightmares and her secret mission she would one day confront Luke but not kill him. Instead the fiery haired, equally fiery willed woman would ultimately befriend and love Luke Skywalker. And one day they would even marry and have a child. This figure comes to us from the Hasbro Heir to the Empire Comic pack based on the Timothy Zahn book of the same title and the comic book adaptation of said book. She features decent articulation (swivel elbows instead of ball joints, non articulated ankles) and some awesome accessories. Among them: a removable head scarf with goggles (sculpted in), a working holster (albeit huge), Mara's signature side arm blaster pistol, and a lightsaber hilt with removable pale blue blade. She came packaged with Luke Skywalker (not pictured) which sports less than awesome articulation. This comic pack was available as part of the 30th Anniversary Collection's Comic Packs line and is a must own figure! It's the best Mara jade released yet! Highly Recommended!

This Bespin Luke Skywalker figure is our favorite modern Luke here at AFE. With a head sculpt that looks more like Mark Hamill than almost any other Luke figure to date and tons of articulation it's hard not to love this figure! Dressed in his Bespin fatigues--straight out of TESB where Luke falls into Vader's trap on Cloud City this Luke is awesome! He comes with his father's blue lightsaber, his trusty DL-44 and working holster, and a boatload of articulation. He even has ball jointed hips! This figure was part of the Target Exclusive nine figure pack from The Vintage Collection and is also a repack of the TVC Bespin Luke figure from the first wave. One of--if not--the best Luke Skywalker figure(s) ever! Highly Highly Recommended!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Concept IG-88: Crazy 88

IG-88 the deranged assassin droid who overrode his primary programming becoming a bounty hunter, killer, and psychotic egomaniac, feared the galaxy over. This awesome figure is rendered beautifully in a style reminiscent of early 20th century pulp sci-fi movies. Like Robbie the Robot and Mort from The Day The Earth Stood Still with a touch of West World Thrown in. He's a tin can with built in gunslinger holsters sculpted right into his legs. Based on early sketches of what was referred to as "The Chrome War Droid" this figure gives us yet another amazing collectible based on the imagination of George Lucas, Frank McQuarrie, and the drafters of the legend that is Star Wars. An excellent figure, fully articulated, with rotating robo-head, and twin blaster pistols this droid looks great in any scene, whether it's Jabba's palace, the Cantina, or in the prequels fighting Jedi on Geonosis. Available as part of the build-a-droid series in The Legacy Collection. Grab this guy if you're a fan of classic sci-fi, concept figures, or just love droids! Highly Recommended!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

AFE's custom figures made the cover (again)!

We're honored to have our custom creations featured (yet again) on the front page of The Imperial Ship Yards!

We can't recommend this site enough! Come share your creations (dioramas, figures, ships, artwork), come admire the hard work of the awesome, always friendly members, make some new friends, and get inspired! The Shipyards are always open and always welcome new members!

Thanks so much again guys!

Endor: The Forest Moon!

 AFE's own first custom Endor Diorama. Created for under $20 and in under 3 hours!

New Video Shout Out For Eli!

Check out the new Hot Chix Cool Toy Review Video! There's a mention of Eli's Toy Drive near the end of their latest video. Hot Chix put on a great show and their reviews are awesome!

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Thanks to the awesome folks at Hot Chix Cool Toy Review!

Be sure to check out all their videos!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Custom Contest Entry: Imperial Ready Room

For the latest custom contest hosted by the awesome folks on The Imperial Shipyards forums we at AFE submitted an entry! The contest's theme was trash to treasure--essentially any house hold trash, recycling, or broken toys, appliances, eletronics, etc. were fair game for materials to be used in creating a unique Star Wars creation. With vehicles, figures, environments, dioramas and more the possibilities seemed endless!

Being that we're the Action Figure Empire, we decided to go with an Imperial Ready Room. A ready room is a room where soldiers, pilots, crewmen, or officers can gear up for duty or missions. There might be armor, spare uniforms, weapons, small vehicles, medical supplies, droids, and other equipment in these rooms that the Imperials will need to carry out their service. We chose to create a ready room such as one you might find aboard a small Imperial cruiser, light freighter, or long range drop ship. Basically aboard a craft that was purely for service and not pleasure with no frills, lots of rust and grime, and tons of gear. Most of all one made of trash!

If you're a custom maker, Star Wars fan, action figure collector, or all of the above please join the fun over at the yards! For details on the Trash to Treasure contest click Here!  <---CLICK!

For you viewing pleasure we present our somewhat crude, but it is made from trash, Imperial ready room complete with "working" bacta tank, holoprojector table, speeder bike storage, and real self contained lighting!

Thanks for viewing! If you create dioramas please consider making one and entering the contest! You have until May 8th to enter!