Sunday, April 10, 2011

EVO Troopers: Come Hell Or High Lava...

These guys, despite all their awesome gear and weapons are still just more fodder for Starkiller's lightsaber in The Force Unleashed. In numbers these guys can actually take you down but one or two at a time it's just fun that they try to slow you down. These troopers were designed to infiltrate and survive in the most hostile of environments and weather with armor resistant to lightning (bad news for the Sith Lords), acid, and even lava. Hasbro has offered us two version of this awesome spec-ops trooper. Although they are the same trooper but with different paint schemes. These bad boys come with removable backpacks, T-21 blaster rifles (not in the game), and two Clone Trooper blaster pistols (also not in the game). Their helmets have two removable hoses that connect to a life support mounted on their chest plates. These guys are an awesome "tanked" version of the standard Stormtrooper. (tanked = beefed up everything). One of these troopers comes from the second Toys 'R Us Exclusive The Force Unleashed pack and sports a cow-hide type camouflage paint scheme. This paint scheme is not from the game and thus kind of makes no sense to me...If I were a Rebel and saw these guys coming I'm not sure I'd be afraid. Maybe hungry for a burger? The other sports a more game-accurate paint scheme and looks a bit more bad ass. This one is available as part of The Force Unleashed wave of The 30th Anniversary Collection. These figures are amazing! Grab a whole bunch of these guys and send your Rebels packing! Highly Recommended!

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