Sunday, February 27, 2011

Return of the Selling Out!

Hello again Star Wars Fans!

Yet another Ebay auction from my Star Wars collection! This time it's POTF2/Shadows of The Empire figures and vehicles! Check it out and feel free to bid accordingly!

Mention Action Figure Empire,,, or the 501st Legion and receive a discount!!!

May the auctions be with you :)

High Ranking Imperials to the Board Room!

They have arrived!

And now a very special episode of "Scenes We Never Got to See" acted out, for your viewing/reading pleasure with Hasbro Star Wars Figures, enjoy:

Grand Moff Tarkin: "I was driving my shuttle down the spacelane when I thought I saw a junky looking YT-Freighter blast past me in the starship-pool lane, a young man in clothing only a dirty smuggler with a wookie for a best friend would wear yelled out the window, "Move it or lose it Old (Republic) Timer!"... Well that was about the time when I..."
Other Imperials [Yawning]: To themselves: GROAN! "Not again!" "Not another 'Grampa Tarkin' story!" "Make it stop!"
Vader [Humming to Himself]: "Doo-da-doo, da, doo-da-doo, doo-doo-oo-oo, doo da doo, doo da doo, doo da doo doo doo-da-doo..." (to the tune of the Mos Eisley Cantina band song).

Tarkin: "Blah blah blah blah blah. Blah blah. Blah blah, blah blah blah..."

General Tagge [Nudging Darth Vader][Whispers]: "If I have to listen to another of Tarkin's rambling stories I'll space myself. Use that 'all powerful' force of yours and do something to get us out this meeting!"

Vader [Clears throat]: "Shall we break for some tea and biscuits?"

General Tagge [Rolling his eyes][Hissing under his breath to Vader]: "Not what I meant!"

Other Imperials [to no one in particular]: "Oh Yes. Good Idea." "I'm famished!" "Could do with a bite!" "Is there Tetley?"

Tarkin [Cutting himself short]: "--and there was another problem with--Yes lets be seated and begin shall we?"

Vader [nonchalantly]: "You got is Boss."

[Everyone sits at the table and digs into the snacks and beverages provided by the Imperial catering core]


Admiral Motti [straining to breath] : *Kkktttchhh* --Choking! *cough!* --Biscotti! *Kkkcccht* Shouldn't have--tried to swallow all of it-- *Cough!* [pounds table for mercy]

Tarkin: "What? 'Biscotti' you say? I Thought it was 'Admiral Motti'? [to himself] Hmmm 'Admiral Biscotti'... head of... head of... what was it? Imperial... Finances? No that's not it... The commission for... no... 'Biscotti'... 'Admiral Biscotti' why does that sound familiar? ..." [lost in thought]

Vader: I Find your lack of chewing, disturbing! Here allow me! [Grips the cookie lodged in Motti's throat and crushes it]

Admiral Motti [takes huge swallow, gasps for breath, and says hoarsely]: *Cough!* Thanks!

Overall an awesome set, mostly due to the fact that it's based directly on one of the all-time greatest Star Wars scenes. Where the line "I find your lack of faith disturbing." is uttered by Darth Vader, and we get to see just how badass the force is. However the articulation is a bit dated. But still a great way to get some more Imperials to boss around the lower ranks of my Imperial army. Also a great supply of E-11 Blasters, as Ranking Imperial Officials rarely use them, they're free to go to those that need them on the front lines... or fall into the 'wrong' hands of the rebels or the scum of the Star Wars underworld. I recommend snatching one of these sets up, for the amazing diorama it comes with as well as the figures. Got mine at about $10 below the original retailer price. Huzzah!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Selling Out Strikes Back! Episode 1 Style!

Hey there fellow Star Wars Fans! Just a mention of my latest auction on eBay. It's a HUGE lot of Episode 1 Action Fleet toys and collectibles. Check it out and feel free to bid away. Mention or Action Figure Empire or and receive a discount :)

Look for seller sdan9300 on eBay for all kinds of Star Wars collectibles and other goodies!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mandalorian Mania!

They have arrived!

Omega Squad

Llats Ward

B'Arin Apma

Rav Bralor

Overall a great set and I'm happy to finally get my hands on it after a few years of panting over images of this and its twin set offered to us from Entertainment Earth. This seven figure set offers us three new Mandalorian warriors and Delta Squad's compatriots, Omega Squad (a repaint of the aforementioned Delta Squad of Republic Commando video game fame). We get Llats Ward, B'Arin Apma, and Rav Bralor in this set. Llats Ward (assembled from parts of one of the first hyper articulated figures made of Boba Fett and the Fett Legacy version) is a well done figure with lots of articulating and a famliliar Green and Yellow Mando paint scheme. Rav Bralor (Perhaps the most interesting figure in the set) offers us one of the first (the other being Isabet Reau) female Mandalorians with an interesting orange-red, black, yellow, gray, and blue paint scheme and tons of articulation. More recently EE added their Joker Squad set with the first ever official Femtrooper figure (of Jes Gistang) but here we get a female mandalorian! Sexy, dangerous, and a force to be reckoned with, Rav Bralor is one of my new favorite figures. The third and final Mando is B'Arin Apma, based on pieces of the Kamino Escape Jango and some newer articulated legs and removable helmet. Some fatal flaws exist with B'Arin, namely the lack of articulation, the same signature guns as Jango Fett's, a helmet that fits too snugly on his head and thus pops his head off inside the helmet when you try to remove his helmet. There's also the fact that he has an extremely long neck which is left exposed even when his helmet is on as far as it'll go. It's almost an invitation to be sniped in the neck. The members of Omega Squad are repaints in black and light purple of their counterparts, Delta squad, with the same minimal articulation and accessories. Overall a really unique set and a must have for anyone who loves Mandalorians. Despite their lacking articulation (some more than others), once posed, they look pretty stunning. The backdrop shelf included adds a nice "just deployed off the dropship" effect. And the "dropship" in the background sports two Mythosaur emblems on the hull. As far as I'm concerned, the more Mandos the merrier!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Selling Out!

Since I have limited storage capacity at the moment, and because Hasbro seems to be revamping most of their old toys I have decided to sell a lot of my old collection. I have Action Fleet, PotF2, PotJ, Episode 1, and many other items for sale.

I've posted 10 auctions on eBay to start. Feel free to take a look and bid on what you're interested in. Or make me an offer and I'll end the auction for you. Mention Action Figure Empire,, or and receive a special discount :)

Look for sdan9300 on ebay for my items. Or follow this link:


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mmmmmm Pork(ins)!

Dialogue we never got to see:

Wedge: "Jek?"
Jek: "Just a second!"
Wedge: "Jek! You need to use evasive maneuvers"
Jek: "Hang on!"
Wedge: "Jek, pull up!"
Jek: "Any second!!!"
Wedge: They're right on your tail!"
Jek (not looking at all): "I see them! I can shake them!"
Wedge: "Jek! you're too close! roll left! Roll left! Weave right!"
Jek (sweating, tongue out, concentrating): Almost there!"
Wedge: "For god's sake man, pull up!"
Jek (to himself, but still on radio): "Any second now! Any second!"
Wedge: "Jek! ...Pull! Up! Dive! Roll!"
Jek (opening microwave oven): "Ah! Chili's done!"
Wedge: ...
Jek: "Mmmmm it's so delic--"
Wedge (to himself): "Well he died as he lived. Hungry."

Turbolifts, they have their ups and downs ;)

More dialogue we never got to see:

[In the elevator on the moon of Endor]
[Cue Muzak version of the Cantina theme in background]

Vader: "Hey so I hear you're a Jedi Knight now..."
Luke (looking down): "Yep..."
Vader: "Hey that's great your mother'll be so proud... "
Luke (scowling at Vader): ...
Vader (rubbing his arm): "Oh right... right... whoopsie..." (laughs nervously)
Luke: ...
Vader (filling the silence): "Sooo how about those Ewok things--pretty cute huh? Just want to hug them... sooo cute..." (Vader realizes what he's saying and coughs)
Luke (rolling his eyes): "Mmmmhmmm"
Vader (looking up): "How long does this elevator take?!"
Luke (under his breath): "Someone'll get choked for this I bet."
Vader: "Hmmm? You say something Son?"
Luke: "Don't... just don't call me that, ok?"
Vader (feelings hurt): "Sorry... I just--"
Luke (ranting): "Can you imagine what I'm going through? I lose my uncle, find out you're my father, lose master Yoda, the Rebel Alliance is pulling for me to do the impossible, I'd have better luck trying to tickle a Wookie! "
Vader (high pitched): "Use your Anger?"
Luke (shouting): "Just shut up!"
Vader (looking down, kicking the carpeting with the toe of his boot): ...
Luke (looking away) ...
Vader: *Sigh*
Luke: ...
Vader (timidly): "We could always take in a podrace some time... just the two of us..."
Luke (reluctantly giving in to something that sounds kind of fun): "Sure... yeah... maybe sometime..."
[Elevator doors slide open with a 'WOOSH']
[Luke and Vader see two Imperial Stormtroopers guarding a doorway in the hall]

Vader (awkwardly pretending to have been speaking all along): "Uhhhhh... The Emperor will not sit Idly by while your puny band of insolent Rebels attempt to meddle with the plans of Galactic Empire! You -will- be bent to his will--to the will of the DARK SIDE!"
Luke (feigning bewilderment)...
[Luke and Vader pass the troopers and head into another hallway alone]

Vader: "They totally bought it!"

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wings Over Endor!

Pack 1

X-Wing Pilot Grizz Frix (Red Five) and R2-T7

"Up periscope!"

B-Wing Pilot - Palso Thern
(Blue Seven)

Tie Pilot - Major Mianda (Scythe One)

Pack 2

Y-Wing Pilot - Lt. Ekelarc Yong (Gray Three) and R5-P9

"Uncle Owen! This R2 unit has a bad motivator!"

A-Wing Pilot - Sila Kott (Red Two)

Tie Pilot - Lt. Oxixo

Group Shots
Hangar Backdrop Shelves

Battle Over Endor 4-Packs (Toys 'R Us Exclusives)

Last week I stopped by the local Toys 'R Us in search of the next waves of The Vintage Collection--which have still yet to make it here (Why, Hasbro? Why?) and found these two packs instead. They were pretty reasonably priced at $24.99 each (about $6.50 a figure) so I snatched them up. Lately I've been keen on filling my Rebel ranks--mostly with pilots. The four rebel pilots featured in these sets were all seen on screen during the battle over Endor. Scythe 1's tie fighter is one of the Ties that pursues the Falcon through the guts of the second Death Star. Sila Kott was originally played by a female actor, but a male voice over artist later dubbed her dialogue and thus was dubbed a male pilot. Too bad, we almost didn't have to wait for the expanded universe for the introduction of female pilots. Grizz Frix's name says it all. He's awesome! With an R2 unit to boot, this pilot looks a bit like Lando's younger brother or cousin. He's definitely fly for a fly boy and packs a DL-44 and not to mention an awesome color scheme on his helmet. The only flaw here is the fact that his visor is made of such thick plastic it's barely translucent--almost glows in the dark it's so neon orange. The three other pilots, Ekelarc, Sila, and Palso take their bodies from the Legacy collection Ten Numb and Nien Nunb figures which featured the too-tall-for-a-sullustan pilot bodies. The bodies look better on these human males however. Ekelarc is an awesome figure and gives us a new style helmet--complete with cool bat wings (mynock wings?) design. Sila Kott's helmet is also pretty neat and features the wrap around headphones style of World War 2 pilots. We also get Palso Thern with yet another helmet sculpt... this one leaves a lot to be desired. It doesn't fit snugly, tends to shift around a lot and is too small for Palso's face/head. He would have been fine with a helmet like Sila Kott's. Next issuing maybe? Also Both Palso and Ekelarc come with 3 holes on their bodies to receive life support system hoses, and two hoses. It's only possible to have 1 hose completely attached with another dangling loosely--leaking air. This hearkens back to Ten Numb and Nien Nunb's bodies in that both of their helmets have an oxygen mask that affixes through a hose to their bodies, as well as one hose that affixes at both ends to their bodies. All in all still some great figures! We also get two new droids, Grizz's personal R2 and Ekelarc's personal R2! One with periscope action feature the other with the "bad motivator" feature. Maybe we'll see a Y-Wing and an X-Wing at some point with slots to fit these droids?

Next we have two hot shot Tie Pilots with removable helmets! Oxixo (say that 3 times fast!) features a solid silver bar on his helmet's paint scheme and Mianda has the familiar two stripes on his which we've seen before (Target's Exclusive Special Action Figure 3 packs). One pilot comes with an Imperial blaster pistol (the standard side-arm for Tie Pilots) the other with an E-11 blaster... perhaps he was a stormtrooper at one point? Lately the scopes on the blaster pistols included with some of the Tie pilots are very flimsy. Also why do most of the imperial military figures with helmets look like clones? Certainly by the battle of Endor the remaining clones from the Clone Wars era would be mostly dead or aged considerably. During the early days of the Empire Palpatine forbade the use of clones as their behavior becomes erratic once they reach a certain age. From then on the Empire recruited non-aliens and humans of normal breeding practices to fill their ranks. Hasbro must be unloading there millions of clone heads that they made on us in our Imperials. So, sadly these two pilots (and many stormtroopers, Snowtroopers, AT-AT drivers, etc.) have identical clone heads under their helmets. Still though, an amazing group of figures and a great way to round out any pilot collections.

Lastly an awesome feature of these packs are the diorama backgrounds that are included. Two hangars with different view ports and "3D" seeming card board inserts to offer perspective give us a view of the ensuing battle behind our figures. They also can be mounted on the wall for instant shelving! I'd buy more of these packs just for the shelves! So hopefully we'll get more figures with backgrounds like these soon as I can use all the shelves I can get. I highly recommend you pick these two packs up for yourself as soon as you can!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Raptor Squad Stormtroopers!

Let's face it, Stormtroopers are awesome! I love the figures and I love wearing Stormtrooper armor! Here I have my custom Raptor Squad--a group of 10 battle hardened troopers each with a special skill or two of their own. Together they make a fierce fighting force ready to tackle any battle. To comprise this group shot I've used troopers from the Entertainment Earth exclusive Joker Squad pack, a few saga legends troopers, a space trooper, an EVO and phasing Shadow Trooper from The Force Unleashed Toys 'R Us exclusive pack, a trooper from the Legacy Collection Dewback Rider Walmart exclusive, and a Sandtrooper or two. I was inspired by platoons and squads seen in war movies, the Joker Squad comic, and Delta Squad.
Soon to come I intend to do a profile of each member of the squad.

Raptor Squad:
Clockwise from the left: Back row:
TK-6677 Codename: Bantha. Supplies, medium weight weapons. TK-2223 Codename: Mynock. Repeater weapons, det packs. (Far right back row) TK-3490 Codename: Vapor. Gas grenade launcher, Jump-jet pack.

Front Row:
TK-2020 Codename: Squint. Ranged weapons, sniper rifles, scopes. EVO-334 Codename: Rancor. Heavy weapons, anti-personnel explosives, wrist lasers, nerve toxins, communications. TK-7899 Codename: Sarge. Light repeating rifles, command pistols. TK-6669 Codename: Basher. Blast absorbing armor, Incendiary devices, EMP launcher. TK-1155 Codename:
Hound. Anti-vehicle rocket launcher, T-21 light repeating rifle, supplies. TK-9889 Codename: Doc. Light repeating blaster, medical supplies, battlefield medical officer training. TK-0101 Codename: Ghost. Light Bending Shadowtrooper amror, Blastech E-11 rifle.

A Good Man(dalorian) is Hard To Find!

I started this post with a picture of Montross the Mandalorian who betrayed Jango Fett's mentor, Jaster Mereel because his figure is perhaps the best incarnation of a Mandalorian I have ever gotten my hands on. Although he went on to compete with Jango for the role as the basis for the clone troopers, he makes a damn good action figure. Thanks to Entertainment Earth and their exclusive comic pack for bringing this guy into action figure reality! This figure uses parts of the Fett Evolution pack Boba Fett and some original pieces including forearms, shoulders, Belts, and borrows his legs and feet from the Fett Evolution pack Mandalore the Indomitable figure. He comes with some awesome accessories, a soft goods blue cape, new head sculpt, a Mitrinomon Z-6 jetpack, 2 new blaster pistols complete with double holsters, a new blaster rifle, a removable helmet, and an all new paint/color scheme. This is one solid figure. Great for posing and very flexibly made.

Next we have Jaster Mereel, the Mando that Montross betrayed. He comes packaged with Montross as part of the Entertainment Earth Mandalorian Comic Pack. This is also an awesome figure but a little stiff because he's mostly based on the Jango Fett from the Fett Evolutions pack. Personally as for aesthetics I have always been much more drawn to Boba Fett's style of piece-meal battle worn armor than the seemingly "too clean" look of Jango Fett's armor. Something has always looked stiff to me about this armor style and the figures seem to match. Don't get me wrong it's still a great figure, but something has always looked a little uncomfortable to me in these guys. This figure features a soft goods red cape, new belts, new blaster pistols, a new blaster rifle with affixed bayonet, a JT-12 jetpack, new head sculpt, removable helmet, and a new color/paint scheme. Still a solid figure, but compared to Montross Jaster Mereel looks a bit like the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz and he needs some oil.

Next we have Jango Fett from the Fett Evolution pack for reference to the afformentioned Jaster Mereel. Here we see Boba's father looking good in his bounty hunting togs. This time around Jango has been given a bit of weathered grit to his outfit especially on his belt and leg armor which is nice to see as he looks "too clean" in the movies for my taste. We see him here pointing his trademark Westar-34 blaster pistols directly at us as if we're his bounty. He also has a JT-12 jetpack and a removable hlemet. One critique to this figure is that he has more of a purple jumpsuit whereas in the films it's more of a blue color. Overall a decent figure, but I've always been a Boba man myself.

Next up is the K-Mart exclusive Jodo Kast. This figure is also based largely on the Fett Evolution pack Boba Fett with a new paint/color scheme and new head sculpt. He has the same features and accessories as Boba Fett--and should as he was a Mandalorian pretender. Jodo Kast thouhgt that he could steal Boba Fett's clientele by wearing the bounty hunter's signature Mandalorian armor and copying his methods. Jodo Kast didn't realize that it takes much more than the armor to make the man and with the help of sometimes friend and fellow hunter Dengar, Boba Fett tricks and traps Jodo Kast before besting him in single combat and leaving him for dead. This is an awesome figure--straight out of the comic book Boba Fett: Twin Engines of Destruction which I read and loved as a kid. Another great thing about this figure is that it can be used as a random Mandalorian not necessarily Jodo Kast or even (if you don't remove the helmet) as a Boba Fett from one of the old Marvel Star Wars comics where the vintage inking process didn't always capture accurate color schemes.

Finally we see a close up of Rohlan Dyre the Old Republic Mandalorian warrior turned bounty hunter. This is an awesome figure! Rohlan is part of the Entertainment Earth exclusive comic pack for the Old Republic comic series and comes with Jarael (another awesome figure). He comes with a knife with built in sheath, a new blaster pistol, new body sculpt, new head sculpt, and a removable jetpack with hose that connects to the all new helmet. The helmet is awesome in that it reminds me of a cross between a mandalorian helmet and a predator mask--especially with the hose that connects to it. The Mandalorian armor is right to my taste as well with a matching color scheme but with tons of wear and tear. There are dents and nicks and scuffs galore on this figure and they match the scars on Dyre's face. The red and silver with green diode accents really pop and work well with the light blue jumpsuit. Kudos to another great figure!

"Threepio, you tell that slimy piece of worm ridden filth he'll get no such pleasure from us."

"Cheesah beecha wonky Chewbacca."

The beginning of a screen accurate Jabba's palace scene has begun to form on my Tatooine shelf. I recently acquired the Walmart exclusive Jabba's throne which gives us a revamp of the older Jabba figures. This time Jabba has soft "squishy" vinyl with a flexible plastic skeleton whithin his bloated bulk that gives us a Jabba that is neither too firm nor too flimsy. He comes with a well built mock-stone slab on wheels complete with real metal trimmings and rings that allow it to be pulled by slaves and subjects of the crime lord's court. The set comes with hard plastic cushions with contours sculpted into them to give the illusion that the great hut is actually sitting on them--they also look great under his slave girls. Next there is the mounted hookah (water pipe) that Jabba smokes to relax--this comes with a flexible vinyl hose and mouth piece that really fits into his mouth. Also included is a very well done and posable Oola the Twi'lek dancer that Jabba turns into Rancor bait and the malicious little Kowakian Monkey Lizard Salacious Crumb. Oola has a rope around her neck that Jabba can use to pull her into submission--or into the Rancor pit. Malakili the Rancor tamer and his buddy Giran are present to flesh out the court scene. Wooof is there as well to step up Jabba's muscle along with Nysad the Nikto skiff gunner. Two Gammorrean guards flank Jabba's throne and we can see R2-D2 in his sail barge serving droid gear which is a really awesome figure--complete with removable drinking glasses and robotic serving arm. Finally we see Leia in disguise as the Ubese bounty hunter Boussh with her offer of the mighty Chewbacca pictured here in restraints. This saga legends Leia as Boussh is an amazing improvement on the POFT2 figure and features a removable thermal detonator!