Friday, April 8, 2011

The Empire Stands With Eli!

Hey there readers,

Got an awesome message today on the AFE Facebook page from [DRUM ROLL] Willhuff Tarkin! Well actually the voice of Willhuff Tarkin, actor Stephen Stanton! Here's what his message said:  
"I admire what your doing for Eli. Post your page on my page and I' ll point my friends your way. Keep up the good work. MTFBWY Capt Wilhuff Tarkin"

AFE is super excited that Mr. Stanton/Tarkin has heard the word about The Toys For Eli Toy Drive and that he wrote in today. 

We give Stephen Stanton the official AFE salute! 

Thank you,

and MTFBWY, Always.


  1. Well what can I say, you started this worthy cause for Eli and now you're getting support from everywhere! You're indeed an angel in Stormtrooper's clothing, er, armor, and now you're gettin' some lovin' from Tarkin! :)

  2. Hehe well, what can I say? Sometimes a good thing deserves attention :) Just glad to help out!