Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Imperial Sandtroopers: Troops Like Us

Just a couple of quick shots of 3 of my (vast) collection of Imperial Sandtroopers. These guys were released as part of the Saga Collection. They came equipped with survival backpacks, E-11 blasters, and electropoles and removable belt-mounted thermal detonators, (DLT-19 rifle not included). These guys sport a pretty standard hyper articulated Stormtrooper body and solid heads (non removable helmets). My only issue with these guys is an aesthetic one and that's the very dark yellowed weathering that's only on their fronts and looks a bit stiffly tacked on. Makes them look a bit like marshmallows that have been too close to the fire on one side. All in all these guys are still awesome and look great in the desert. Recommended!


  1. Yup. They missed out on the trooper backs. Good thing eagled-eyed TK-9849 spotted them!

  2. I have to say Sandtroopers are my all time favorite and a few of these from the Saga Collection have found their way in my garrison as well.