Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Boba Fett Digital Cartoon!

 Check out the awesome little graphic Figurines Collection whipped up for us with our photo of the first appearance Boba Fett figure! It's even approved by Grand Moff Tarkin himself! Thanks so much for making this! Love the logo in the background!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Want to win a piece of Fett?

Check out the latest contest going on over at Action Figure Times! Follow the simple instructions, register on their forums and post your vote for your favorite Star Wars bounty hunter! On June 13th AFT will select one lucky poster to win a rocket firing Boba Fett mail away exclusive figure! Do not miss out! Head over there now and register to win! Check out the contest here! Good luck and may the best bounty hunter win!

Image property of Rebelscum.com all rights reserved

Custom Sith Lord: Ghostskull18

Imperial Shipyards user Ghostskull18 requested a custom figure created in his likeness. So we got to work on creating Darth Calvarius, dark lord of the Sith! Ghostskull18 had asked for a dark side wielder and we took his handle and ran with it. To see Ghostskull18's custom creations you can check them out here--we recommend you do as they're pretty cool! To read more about Darth Calvarius head here to the AFE custom figures thread on ISY. Beware the "Ghost Skull" Darth Calvarius for he appears from the mists and takes your soul... so the legends go...

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Boba Fett: Sarlacc Man!

As Hasbro (and other toy producers) moved from the stiff, poorly articulated, figures of the 80's and 90's (aside from GI-Joes which always had more articulation) they also began to improve the details of their figures. The POTF Boba Fett was very stocky and featured only six points of articulation. He did come with a removable shoulder armor/cape/Wookie braids, a removable (giant) jetpack, and some very chunky blasters. This Fett (pictured above) begins to bridge the gap between the chunky POTF figures and the sleek hyper-articulated figures we know and love today. Sporting at least twelve points of articulation--twice as many as his predecessor and a non-removable jetpack, he also has a built in quick-draw action feature--squeeze his legs and he pops his arms into a ready position. I myself have never been a fan of the quick-draw nor action features altogether. I find they to take away from the naturalness of the figure and often when they are present the designers will sacrifice some articulation for the action feature.  Sharing pieces from the Vintage Original Trilogy Collection Boba Fett, and the Pit of Carkoon Boba Fett (The Clone Wars style blue and white packaging), this Boba Fett comes with a Return of the Jedi paint job, his signature EE-3 blaster rifle, a blast-flame pop-on base, removable rotating antenna, display stand and a random hologram figure. This Fett is more of a semi-articulated display model and looks great blasting off on your shelf. Not my favorite Fett by any means, but a cool looking figure with some eye-catching effects. Pick him up is you don't already have one!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Custom Creation: Rebel Commanding Officer!

Since joining The Imperial Shipyards I've gotten back into doing more custom figures. But how do you create custom figures without disassembling your collection or going broke? Simple! Create kit-bash and head-swap customs! Most every Star Wars figure made in the last five years has at least a removable head. From there you can pop-and-swap limbs and torsos and even joints to create a variety of new figures. Or simply add a combination of new accessories to existing figures and create whatever you can imagine! Take our Rebel CO (Commanding Officer) above. Then once you've got a newly created custom created you can share your handiwork with your admirers and give them the "recipe" (parts list) used to create the figure so that they can create them for their own collections. And you thought Legos were the only toys that you could "build whatever you imagined" with. If you don't like your creation, or still want the original figure for your collection (like we do) you can always pop them apart again and put them back on display. Our Rebel Commander up there leads his troops into combat armed with a signature Rebel DH-17 and his scouting electrobinoculars.  Be sure to let us know what you come up with! Post is here under the comments section or on our Facebook Page!

To get you started here's the recipe for our Rebel Commander:

Rebel Honor Guard body and head (30th Anniversary Collection)
Rebel Commando trench coat (TVC Rebel Commando)
Rebel Commando Helmet (TVC Rebel Commando)
Leia's DH-17 (TVC Hoth Gear Leia)
Han Solo's Electrobinoculars (Target Exclusive 9 figure TESB Set) Or (Vintage Original Trilogy Collection)

Mandalorian Cartoon: First Appearance Boba Fett!

It's said that only a true Star Wars fan can stand to sit through the Holiday special. Released between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, The Holiday Special is one of the cheesiest, corniest, most often lampooned creations to bear the Star Wars brand. Featuring cartoons, live action, and lots of muppetry, it centers around the Wookie holiday of Life Day--the Star Wars answer to our Earth Celebration of Christmas. Chock full of bad acting and jokes that fall flat there is however one redeeming quality to the film and that is an animated sequence that introduces us to one of the best and most badass characters in the Galaxy--Boba Fett. The cartoon follows a loose plot featuring a mystical talisman found by Chewbacca that possesses powers that make Chewbacca act strangely. After nearly crashing into the Rebels' secret asteroid base he heads for a nearby planet. Luke and the two droids go to search for the renegade Wookie and crash into a pink ocean. There they meat a gravelly voiced trident wielding Mandalorian who, riding on the back of what looks like a pink plesiosaur agrees to help the Rebels look for Chewbacca. They find the Wookie and Boba Fett double crosses them (of course) as he's really in league with Darth Vader (of course). The talisman was infected with a sleeping virus (no really a virus that puts humans to sleep) and thus Chewie must tie and hang upside down, the sleeping Han and Luke (it's to keep them alive, obviously!) Chewie and Fett must go into the city to find a cure for the virus. They run into an Imperial entanglement and Chewie blasts them, though Fett doesn't react--very suspicious! It's in the city that Fett contacts Vader and we learn of the Mandalorian's real intents in helping the Rebels. Namely to double cross them and take the talisman. Returning with the cure they administer it to the sleeping humans, and Fett reveals his treachery. Han and Chewie and Luke are more than he can handle and so Fett blasts off through the Falcon's hatch with the Talisman. And that is the anticlimactic first appearance of Boba Fett. Despite the ridiculousness of the cartoon and Holiday special, Boba Fett redeems his character in Empire--only to lose all respect as he dies so easily and falls into the sarlacc pit. He escapes! Yes he does, but not according to Lucas. This first appearance Boba Fett figure was released as part of the 30th Anniversary Collection and is a repaint of the Vintage Original Trilogy Collection Fett from 2004. This is definitely one of my new favorite figures and it's pretty neat to have a realistically done version of the cartoon appearance. Now they need to make a cartoon version. He comes with a new holster, an electrospear, new brown soft-goods cape, removable rotating targeting antenna, a blaster pistol, and a jet pack. If you're a Mandalorian fan or a Fett fanatic then you need to add this one to your collection! Highly Recommended!

Featured by Our Friends In France!

Figurines Collection, a friend of AFE from France and an avid collector has created a cool digital rendering of our Tusken Trooper! Figurines Collection also does some awesome graphic art using action figures. Check out his work here: Figurines Collection and please follow him on Facebook!

Thanks Figurines! We salute you and your collection!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tusken Trooper: Going Native!

This trooper wandered too far into the desert! He's using pieces of Tusken Raider garb and has become a savage outlaw of the Tatooine deserts! Or perhaps he's a Tusken Raider that is wearing stolen Stormtrooper armor? Maybe he and his people ambushed some patrolling troopers and stole their gear to use against them! You decide!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

She (and AFE) Loves Wookies! Wookielover1138 Custom Figure!

Here's our newest custom figure portrait of none other than Wookielover1138 of the Youtube sensation Kessel Run Review and the Imperial Shipyards! Please subscribe to her channel and blow up her videos with your comments! Also join the Imperial Ship Yards! If you don't already know her, Wookielover1138 is a huge fan of all things Star Wars and action figures. In addition to putting out an awesome show on youtube she also does some custom figure creating of her own as well! Check out her super cool creations here! Ok lets unveil the latest custom portrait of Wookielover1138!!!

Around the time Han Solo joined the Imperial flight academy a young woman at the academy was busy making a name for herself. While an adept pilot, skilled marksman, and able soldier, Han Solo seemed to be bested in every class by a particular onyx haired girl by the name of Jenn'Ee Shah. Shah, a tall, slender Corellian, was a born prodigy and an instant thorn in Solo's side since the moment he arrived. But unlike most of her peers, Jenn'Ee was bored and desired something more challenging. So she picked the mag-lock code console on the docking mechanism for a Scimitar Assault Bomber and ditched her training while on an away mission. Piloting the craft to a far off planet she landed on Kashyyyk where she soon discovered she had yet another unique talent. Unbeknownst to her, she possessed a slight mutation to other humans born in the galaxy. Possessing a very small extra gland her body produced and emanated a pheromone undetectable to most species. However, as luck would have it, to Wookie males it had the effects of a potent aphrodisiac. Upon her impromptu landing on Kashyyyk Jenn'Ee soon discovered her ability to render even the most savage of Wookies into  docile obedient servants. Using this skill to her advantage, Jenn'Ee was able to become a part of Wookie society and stayed among them for a while, learning all she could. After some time Jenn'Ee secured a suitable ship and set out to make another name for herself. With a crew of Wookie warriors aboard her ship, The Ryyk's Edge, she was able to pave her own way into the smuggling business. With a rap sheet as long as a Wookie is tall including gun running,counterfeitting, fight rigging, spacejacking, blastfighting, theft, long cons, short cons, race fixing, and more it seemed there wasn't anything she couldn't do. To top it all off she crossed paths with Solo, now a notorious smuggler and Chewbacca his Wookie co-pilot, seemingly whenever it was least convenient for the duo. Turning Chewbacca into a simpering lovestruck oaf and Han, often in chains, would be at her mercy. Because of how information changes hands and a misunderstanding of her gift for charming wookies Jenn'Ee earned the nickname of "The Wookie Lover" in the underworld. Never one to back away from the reputation she has built for herself, she has said of Wookies, "Well, when I'm around, they're not fighters, they're lovers and they'll do whatever I say--even rip your arms out of your sockets.--unless I tell them not to." Jenn'Ee and Han Solo have a much more personal rivalry than Han does with Boba Fett. Jenn'Ee has on worked for some of Fett's biggest contractors, moving spice, guns, whatever they need. It's said that if you cross paths with "The Wookie Lover" you better let her have what she wants because she'll get it whether you try to stop her or not. She's tough as nails and twice as seductive as any Zeltron charmer. If you have anything of value it won't be yours for long, Jenn'Ee will find a way to make it so that you never had it to begin with. If you have something, she can sell it, if you need something she can get it, and if you lose something, chances are, she'll have taken it. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rebel Pilot Protest: Bioware In League With The Empire?

Here's my little protest of Bioware's discrimination in the up coming Star Wars The Old Republic. If you missed my post about it, Bioware, the video game company that created one of the best Star Wars story based RPGs, Knights of The Old Republic, has banned any homosexual relationships in their newest game. Saying that "These terms (gay, lesbian, bi, homosexual), do not exist in star wars". So in light of that silliness (why would Star Wars discriminate? Have you seen the creatures they serve in Chalmun's Cantina? lol) and in support of our LGBTQ fan brothers and sisters, I give you the first (to my knowledge) openly lesbian X-Wing Pilot:

Meet Kixxy Zoulou, one of the Rebellion's most gifted pilots, Kixxy joined up right after the battle of Hoth. Having been born into modest royalty on Talravin, one of the core worlds of the Galaxy. Kixxy, the daughter of Arch Duke Kalmalaax Zoulou and Countess Erryssa Mal Zoulou, wanted for little as a child. Although accustomed to the finer things in life, Kixxy spent most of her days with her head cocked back and her neck craning up at the sky, watching the various space traffic entering and leaving the Talravin ports.  When she was old enough she entered the CorSec academy on Talravin and quickly became a star pupil. Kixxy eventually graduated the academy and left Talravin to join the Corellian based CorSec armada. It was about this time that the Empire began to dissolve the CorSec fleets and absorb their pilots--or destroy them. Aware of the prejudices and humanocentric agenda put forth by the Empire, Kixxy was awash in turmoil over what to do and where to go. As she awaited the inevitable involvement of her CorSec fighter wing she happened to meet another brash young pilot, Pasha Stormsong. A young woman, Pasha was also an accomplished CorSec pilot operating in a special ops unit as a belly gunner. With a 45 ship kill record under her belt, Pasha was something of a living legend. Kixxy and Pasha became fast friends and flew many missions together. Kixxy's admiration for Pasha grew to adoration. To Kixxy's surprise Pasha felt much the same way about the Talrivan Princess and their friendship and playful rivalry blossomed into love. A love threatened by a growing darkness. Pitted against the Empire's desire to wrest control of the core worlds, CorSec's numbers began to wane. Travelling home to Talravin on some much needed R and R, Kixxy discovered, to her horror, that even her home planet had fallen to the Empire. Disguising herself as to avoid detection by the Stormtroopers she ventured to her father's palace only to find that the royal families had been enslaved and taken off world. It was then that Kixxy knew without any doubt that she would never hold any love for the Empire. Returning to the fleet on Corellia she found that a group of pilots had banded together and planned to rendezvous with members of the Rebellion and lend their ships and skills to their fight against the Empire. Kixxy wept as she related the story of her fallen city to her squadron mates and friends. After pulling a routine patrol run, Kixxy, Pasha and their friends broke off from their return-flight and made for the Hoth System to meet Pasha's Rebel contacts. It was at the meeting that the pilots were ambushed by a squadron of interceptors. Taken by surprise the Imperials ripped through the CorSec and Rebel ships with a hail of laser fire. Scrambling to their ships, Kixxy and Pasha quickly embraced, kissing briefly and said goodbye before flying to engage the enemy. Little did they know it would be the last time the two would see each other. Pasha's fighter was caught in a flurry of chaff missiles intended to baffle a tie bomber's droid-guided torpedo. The miniature explosives detonated into her exhaust ports tearing holes through her fuselage. Going out hot befitted the young fighter pilot  and she took two bombers with her. Kixxy's family gone, and her love snuffed out by the Empire's forces, she had nothing to lose and so she dedicated her life to the Rebellion. Taking down 22 fighters the day of the ambush, Kixxy would join the Rebellion and spearhead the forming of Banshee Squadron--a wing of heavily modified X-Wing fighters akin to Rogue Squadron. She lead countless raids, escort duties and ground missions before returning to Talravin to assume her father's throne during the New Repulbic Era. She and the First Lady of Talravin (her wife) helped to create the Talravian pilot academy, and Talon Squadron, the New Republic's Talravian based fighter wing. Kixxy's triumphs in the face of hopeless loss and great tyranny will long be remembered...

Monday, May 23, 2011

Something, Something, Something, Blue Trap!

Check out the latest installment of the Family Guy Star Wars parody! This time, It's A Trap! Enjoy Family Guy's take on Return of the Jedi! I LOL'd with the power of the force!

Watch it here for free on Hulu:

It's A Trap!

May the "Farce" be with you!

Get Out The Vote!

Hey Star Wars Fans,

Eli is now involved in a charity competition for Falconi Anemia. Fulll details can be found on his facebook page here:


Their contest is being run through Chase Community Charities and that link can be found here:


If you can find a minute (that is about all you need) please vote for this great charity. I also aim to put this on the front page later today. I would also ask the Yarders through their blogs or repsective sites (some of you already have done this) to put out this word and lets see if we can push them up to nummber 1.

(Thanks to Tamer for writing this)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Featured on Kessel Run Review!

Check out this latest installment of Wookielover1138's Kessel Run Review! We are honored to have a set of our customs featured on the Review! This time it's space pirates with the crew of The Laughing Shadow, a fast stealthy ship that haunts the corners of deep space waiting for unsuspecting starships. Not to fear these customs will be featured in a full-length pictorial review in an upcoming edition of AFE. Please watch this, and all of Kessel Run Review's videos! They do a bang up job with their show and give us yet another outlet to wet our Star Wars toy appetites!

Thanks to Wookielover1138 and her collaborators for this awesome opportunity!

Tune in!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mandalorian Mayhem: Mandalore The Indomitable

Mandalore the Indomitable or Te Kandosii Mand'alor in Mando'a was the leader of the Mandalorian clans during the Jedi Sith Civil War of the Old Republic era. Aligning with Exar Kun and the Sith Lords Mandalore lead the clans against the Jedi and helped Kun and Ulic Qel Droma win many victories against the Jedi and the Republic. This awesome figure comes to us from the Fett Legacy three figure pack from the Evolutions line. I really hope they continue the Evolutions line but I think it's gone the way of the comic packs unfortunately (karkin' Hasbro!) Anyway this figure is a pretty awesome likeness to the Mandalore depicted in the Sith Jedi Civil War aka the Mandalorian Wars comic books! He comes with a working shield, a spear, a battle axe, and his helmeted head has two hoses that connect to his armored torso. I just wish that the hoses were a bit longer as they pop out when the head is moved. Either that or a removable helmet. Still an awesome old school style Mando figure! If you love all things Fett and Mando you're definitely going to want this bad boy! Highly Recommended!