Monday, April 4, 2011

Thank You: You Are Strong In The Force!

This is Eli and a ton of your generous donations. You can just see the massive smile Eli is trying to hold back. We can only imagine the excitement, joy and adventures Eli will have with his new Star Wars goodies! The Toys For Eli Toy Drive will continue on so please join us and contribute! Every donation counts!

A big AFE thank you to those who have donated to The Toys For Eli Toy Drive! Thank you to those who have contributed in other ways be it to Eli's family, to the Caring Bridge Institution, to Stem Cell Research, or to Falconi Anemia Research. You are truly all Jedi for your acts of selflessness!

We recently received a pile of more donations here at AFE so special thanks go to: Wookielover1138 of the Kessel Run Review, Clonesniper of the Imperial Shipyards, Jayson (Webmaster) of, Ars30, and Mak. Thank you for your generous contributions and acts of caring and kindness.

Don't see your name up there but you want to? Toy and collectible donations can be made by clicking here: The Toys For Eli Toy Drive

Want something cool in return for your generosity? Want to give to Eli's Toy Drive but also want to have a keep sake to help remember your act of kindness? Place a bid on this awesome figure!

Thank you again to everyone who has donated and is thinking of donating!

Eli thanks you too!

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  1. Eli's Mommy here :) Cincinnati is currently conducting a TON of research studies on Fanconi Anemia; one organization that funds this research and is a great support for families is So much info there for what it is Eli's dealing with. Also, is where you can get a swab kit for yourself and be someone's bone marrow match, just like Eli's donor. I PRAY we get to meet him or her someday... These are also great places to donate to if you're interested in furthering research and helping families like ours.

    Thank you so much everyone for what you have done for Eli already, we're simply amazed by your generosity and eagerness to help.