Thursday, April 14, 2011

Raptor Squad: Mouse

Code Name: Mouse TK-2029
Species: Human
Skills: Pistol marksmanship , tunnel ratting, hand-to-hand combat training, lock picking, pick pocketing, wall scaling.
Weapon(s): 2 clone blaster pistols
Gear: Power cells, E-11 side arm, blaster ammunition.

              "There's not a door I can't open--or a vent I can't shimmy into--the galaxy, and all her beautiful possessions are mine for the taking!" ---Mouse

Mouse never sits still. He's fidgety, hyper active, and distrusting. Codenamed Mouse because of his knack for fitting into tight spaces. Raised in the undercity of Nar Shadda by his refugee parents Mouse learned to grift. A skilled pickpocket and lock pick Mouse is a born entry man. As an adolescent on Nar Shadda, Mouse picked the pocket of an Imperial Staff Sergeant who later confronted him for the theft. Before Mouse could react the Imperial officer caught a stray blaster bolt from a near by scuffle that had broken out at a nearby cantina. Mouse had the Imerial officer's ident card forged so he could use it to enter the Imperial base to do a little lifting with hopes of turning some profit for Imperial supplies on the black market. The forged ID worked and got Mouse into the Imperial base, but it worked better than he expected. The Staff Corporal that he swiped the card from had just made planet fall and hadn't checked into the base yet. Before he knew it Mouse was awaiting transport off of Nar Shadda for a security detail on an Imperial cruiser. Mouse seized his opportunity to make it off Nar Shadda and embraced his new life in service to the Empire. Some time later Mouse's cruiser was boarded for inspection by Darth Vader. Sensing something out of place Lord Vader suspected it was Mouse. Summoning him Vader told him he knew of his suspicious origins and decided to show Mouse mercy, but made it clear that he would die before he brought dishonor to the uniform he know wears. Vader sensed in Mouse similar origins to his own and felt Mouse could prove useful to the Empire, for if he were to go over to the Rebellion he could be a valuable asset. After that day Mouse dedicated himself to the service of the Empire. Able to contort his body to fit through bars, slide under gates, or climb sheer walls, Mouse's skills were just what Raptor Squad was looking for when they recruited him on Vader's personal recommendation. 

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