Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Vader... You Must Confront... Vader

Jedi_Randy of Tales From the Mos Eisley Carinderia has created tis made out various classic Darth Vader lines frohis awesome digital rendering of the infamous dark lord, Darth Vader exclusively for Action Figure Empire! The image is made up  of various classic Darth Vader lines from the original Star Wars Trilogy. Thanks for making this for us Randy! Clearly you are strong in the dark side of the force...


  1. Thanks for featuring my work TK-9849! I will be returning the favor soon, as I will also feature AFE in my blog. Stay tuned!

  2. Now I made sure that you got this one first. Check out my gallery and grab that new Boba Fett artwork: http://talesfromthemoseisleycarinderia.blogspot.com/p/gallery-of-digital-dabblings.html