Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hoth Rebel Troopers: Soldiers On Ice

These guys are the front line between the Rebel's secret base (in an ice cave) and the Imperial invasion force dispatched to route out and destroy them by Darth Vader. Hundreds of these guys patrol the frozen wasteland that is Hoth. They guard various doors and rooms, and can be dispatched at a second's notice to the scene of the battle. Hmmm that sounds familiar... wait-a-minute! They sound like Stormtroopers! (I always thought that for what's supposed to be a rag-tag group of freedom fighters they all had the same uniforms and the same guns... like the stormtroopers). Oh well these guys are still awesome! Two of them came from the Target Exclusive Defense of Hoth Battle pack (1 with beard, 1 without and cannon) and the other was a repack from the Target Exclusive Special Action Figure Pack which featured nine figures from TESB. All three of these guys, two the same figure, one with a new head, all share the same body. They come with two different kinds of helmets one with a scarf wrapped around it and another more standard helmet without a scarf. They each are fully articulated and also come with removable Rebel backpacks, A280 blaster rifles, blaster pistols and working holsters sculpted into their belts. The large rebel blaster canon that comes packed with a detachable tripod is an awesome accessory right from the film. Still won't do them any good against the armor plating and shielding on the AT-ATs but it looks awesome and is a nice counterpart to the Imperial E-Web blaster canon. Definitely pick up a bunch of these guys! If for nothing else than to litter the snow as corpses while the Snowtroopers march into Echo base. Highly Recommended!