Saturday, April 2, 2011

Luke Skywalker: Snowspeeder Pilot

Here we have the classic Empire Strikes back version of Luke Skywalker as the pilot of a modified airspeeder coined a "snowspeeder". He lead the air assault on the invading Imperials under the call sign "Rogue Leader". It was Luke that realized that the speeders' laser weapons weren't strong enough to pierce the armored hulls of the Imperial AT-ATs and thus devised that harpoons with tow cables fired by the snowspeeders' rear gunners would prove more affective. The rebels were able to ensnare and trip many walkers with this method. Luke's gunner, Dak Ralter, was killed in the battle and shortly after Luke's snowspeeder was shot out of the sky. He crashes into the snowy terrain below and must work to free himself from his wrecked speeder before an AT-AT's foot crushes him. He barely has time to grab a grappling hook and roll out of the way before his craft is demolished. He uses that grappling hook to climb up to the underbelly of the AT-AT. he cuts it open with his lightsaber and lobs a grenade inside, destroying the Imperial Walker. This figure is available in the current wave of Saga Legends and still warming many pegs world wide this Luke Skywalker is an awesome figure! It features the grappling hook Luke uses to destroy the AT-AT, Luke's lightsaber hilt (no blade. Why not Hasbro?) and Luke's snowspeeder helmet. He comes fully articulated and ready to destroy Imperial walkers. I have to say that again we are given a badly sculpted Luke Skywalker head. It's a great figure, but it seems nearly impossible to get a good likeness of Mark Hamill. This one at least looks somewhat like him, but most are so far off the mark. What makes it so hard? And why do the figures that don't really look like him get made? I mean you don't get Mark Hamill just by having a blue eyed blond haired white guy. So aside from the mediocre likeness, this figure is pretty cool. he looks great with the grappling hook in the snow under the AT-AT. Seen here: Luke on Hoth. This figure is recommended.


  1. Whoa, this figure is sweet! Very detailed overall and with lots of accessories to boot. But you have a point there, most figures of Luke do not give justice to Mark Hamill's facial features

  2. I know. It's been hard to find any of the three humans from the OT (Luke, Han, Leia) with accurate sculpts.