Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Create a Custom Ship For Action Figure Empire!

Hey there fellow Star Wars fans and collectors here's a unique opportunity for you,

I've seen tons of your awesome custom vehicles and figures on your blogs and sites and have been incredibly impressed. As a fellow collector and some time customizer I've found it's incredibly hard to decide what I like best. So much to choose from! I remembered one of my favorite ships--the "Ugly" starfighter--the Z'ceptor. A combo mashup of a z-95 headhunter and a tie interceptor.

So why am I mentioning this? Well I'm looking for an able customizer (clearly my skills are not up to the task, but that's ok!) who is willing to undertake this creation. I have tons of old Star Wars vehicles I can send you to use in the creation. I have a nearly complete POTF2 X-Wing that can be used. I can trade for the custom-- I have lots of other vehicles and figures i have no use for, perfect for custom makers! or cash! Also have comic books, and other non-star wars items to trade too!

Here's my favorite reference image for the Z'ceptor:

Requested specs: The Z-95 cockpit should open and fit a figure, and the Tie Fighter cockpit with canopy guns should open and fit a figure. The Interceptor wings should rotate and landing gear be usable when the wings are folded horizontal. The canopy guns should rotate and the R2 Unit head should rotate.

I understand this may be a very involved task and that many of you don't do customs. Not to worry this will be a totally professional trade/purchase. If you create a Z-95 and I am interested and purchase it, plan to see it featured in a full length review and photo shoot right here on Action Figure Empire!

If there is enough interest in this task I suppose you guys can bid for this? But really a few Z'ceptors wouldn't hurt either, as long as I can afford them Wink

Thanks guys! I hope we can make this happen!


  1. Did anyone ever contact you about this. I'm interested, and I can do it. Let's talk.

  2. Yes they did. I have had one for a while now. It's on my vast WIP list to paint lol.

  3. About the Z'Ceptor or Ugly.
    I built one with extra details and weathered paint job with custom pilot and base with a plexy stand in a flight position.
    Look at it on Ebay, code "cosibug100"
    Starting bid is $200.00.