Thursday, April 7, 2011

Giran: Friend of the Rancor Keeper

When a lone man in a black tunic with a green laser sword enters Jabba's palace it spells certain doom for a certain rancor. Unlike his buddy Malakili the fat bald shirtless rancor tamer, Giran had no love for the rancor Luke killed. Instead he appreciated the beast for his strength and deadliness. He dreamed of pitting the rancor against a Krayt Dragon. Now that's a match I'd pay to see! Giran is one of what seems like hundreds of Nikto that work for Jabba. This is an awesome figure! Available as part of 2009's Legacy Collection, Giran comes with his vibro axe, and a removable headdress. It seems that the Hasbro sculptors are awesome at sculpting aliens but can't seem to get the likenesses of the main characters. Giran here has a nearly perfect likeness to the costume and mask in ROTJ. Definitely worth grabbing a Giran for your Jabba's palace scene! Recommended!

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