Friday, August 19, 2011

AFE Armor Still For Sale!!!

This exciting offer can be yours now!!! Don't let this awesome offer slip away!

Here's why this is a unique offer:

1.This is the official 501st approved armor of our official Mascot TK-9849
2. This auction includes everything you need to wear the costume out of the box!
3. No assembly required! No gluing, taping, or sanding required!
4. Most people selling armor do not include things like bodysuits, gloves, blasters, holsters!
5. All Decals and painting have been done for you!
6. No overseas shipping/customs payments!
7. Perfect for a first time Trooper!

Go here: AFE Armor  To place your bids!!!

Good luck!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Coming Soon!

Coming September 1st 2011: A pictorial tour of the AFE collection in all its glory! Don't miss out on our next update! Tons of figure reviews, customs, and more!

Mark your calendars and tune in!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Buy A piece of AFE!

To our American readers (we still love our international readers, we just can't afford to ship to them):

Sad to say because of the economy and money being tight, I have decided (after much deliberation) to sell my Stormtrooper armor and accessories. They are all 100% 501st Legion Approved!!! I was a member for over a year with these items!
This is your chance to join the 501st Legion! Perfect for a costumer, LARPer, or just a collector!

Comes with resin-cast hand painted blaster! Holster! Unfinished Sandtrooper Backpack (needs work, but a great place to start from). Small orange shoulder pauldron (perfect for a child sized Sandy!) The best Stormtrooper boots out there! White Leather, Men's size 9! Black Officer Hat and officer belt!

 Stormtrooper Auction! <--CLICK!

The items are up on eBay for your bidding pleasure!

Good luck and I hope to see these items go to a reader or member of ISY!

Taking a break? Yep!

Hey AFE readers,

We've been taking a break here (you may have noticed) and we don't want you to worry. We'll be back with regular posts starting Sept. 1st.

Life, yes there's more to life than action figures, has gotten a bit crazy right now and the economy (US) hasn't helped any.

Thanks for your patience, your readership, and your support.


Thursday, August 4, 2011


This Post has been removed by the author because of threats of legal action received.