Saturday, April 23, 2011

Custom Contest Entry: Imperial Ready Room

For the latest custom contest hosted by the awesome folks on The Imperial Shipyards forums we at AFE submitted an entry! The contest's theme was trash to treasure--essentially any house hold trash, recycling, or broken toys, appliances, eletronics, etc. were fair game for materials to be used in creating a unique Star Wars creation. With vehicles, figures, environments, dioramas and more the possibilities seemed endless!

Being that we're the Action Figure Empire, we decided to go with an Imperial Ready Room. A ready room is a room where soldiers, pilots, crewmen, or officers can gear up for duty or missions. There might be armor, spare uniforms, weapons, small vehicles, medical supplies, droids, and other equipment in these rooms that the Imperials will need to carry out their service. We chose to create a ready room such as one you might find aboard a small Imperial cruiser, light freighter, or long range drop ship. Basically aboard a craft that was purely for service and not pleasure with no frills, lots of rust and grime, and tons of gear. Most of all one made of trash!

If you're a custom maker, Star Wars fan, action figure collector, or all of the above please join the fun over at the yards! For details on the Trash to Treasure contest click Here!  <---CLICK!

For you viewing pleasure we present our somewhat crude, but it is made from trash, Imperial ready room complete with "working" bacta tank, holoprojector table, speeder bike storage, and real self contained lighting!

Thanks for viewing! If you create dioramas please consider making one and entering the contest! You have until May 8th to enter!


  1. Wow, this will be an early favorite! Good luck!

  2. Thanks Randy! So glad you like it! I also had time to cobble together an Endor/jungle diorama and will have pics up here and on ISY soon!