Monday, April 11, 2011

Trading/Selling Like a Jawa!

 (Not for sale/sold: X-Wing, Skyhopper, Air Speeder, Sebulba's Pod, Anakin's Pod, Stap)

Ok we've got a lot of items kicking around the AFE hangar bays and we thought we'd clear some space for some more donations and maybe a few new figures just for the Empire.

We've got:

These items are perfect for collections or customs!

1 Airspeeder (Star Wars Expanded Universe) w/ Original missile firing attachment and missle, pop-up wings, opening cockpit. Missing front laser canons. $15

1 Darth Vader’s Tie Fighter Gunner Station, with thumb-controlled rotating action, pop-off Tie Fighter viewport, fold-down landing gear, moving cockpit controls, all original stickers affixed, and 1 Darth Vader pilot figure. $10

1 Opening Death Star display. Opens to reveal Darth Vader’s throne/helmet replacing facility, with rotating base, and rotating throne, and 1 Darth Vader figure with removable helmet and cloth cape. $10

1 Attack Cloud Car (Star Wars Expanded Universe) with opening detachable cockpit canopy, pop-out rear wings, 2 opening detachable front panels to reveal engine blocks, swiveling belly blaster canons, original firing missile included, and 1 Attack Cloud Car Pilot and all original stickers affixed. This ship is in amazing shape!!! $28

3 Trade Federation Droid Fighters on flight controller base with pop off battle damage action, swivel wings, 1 Droid Fighter transforms into a standing battle droid with moving wings and head! All wings are removable, includes original box, original manual, and a Star Wars Episode 1 Hasbro Toy & Game Guide! These ships are in excellent condition!!! $30

Also:  Episode 1 Toys

1 Ric Olie Figure with Comtech chip, removable helmet and blaster pistol. $3

1 Mace Windu figure with removable Jedi cloak and comtech chip $4

1 Darth Maul figure with hood and comtech chip $4

1 Obi-Wan Kenobi padawan figure with comtech chip and lightsaber $4

1 Qui-Gon Jinn figure with lightsaber and comtech chip $4

1 Darth Maul figure with comtech chip $4

1 Ki –Adi Mundi figure with comtech chip $4

1 Anakin Skywalker (child) with Naboo pilot helmet $3

1 Pit Droid figure with removable head $1

1 Jar Jar Binks figure with Gungan battle mace $1

1 Jabba The Hutt figure with opening mouth, removable head, and frog(s) to eat (from Episode 1 Jabba with green slime)(slime not included) $4

1 Comtech chip reader (sale pending)

1 Gasgano (pod racer pilot) comtech chip (figure not included) $2

1 Generic Comtech chip (sale pending)

1 C-3PO comtech chip (figure not included) $2

1 Padame Naberri comtech chip (figure not included) $2

1 Pod Race Viewing Screen accessory.(free with purchase of a figure)

2 Micro Machines military bases with some mini-figures. 1 is a fold out transforming base! A few vehicles too. Perfect for customizing!Small base $5, Large transforming base $15

Let me know if you want any of these!

Also have a Marvel Ultimate Alliance game for PS2 ($20 game is in great shape), Hundreds of comic books (image, marvel, DC, valiant, etc.), and some Thomas the Tank Engine Toys :)

Will proved a detailed list of the comics, photos, and prices can be provided upon request. The same for the

Will trade for Star Wars figures/vehicles or sell for cash via Paypal. Thanks!


  1. Good stuff! It would help if you had photos of the items, and their prices. And I'm interested in the commtech chip reader, I can't find one anymore here in the Philippines. If it's ok with you, kindly send me an email with the pricelist and pics. Cheers!

  2. Ok will have new pics up soon! :)

  3. There's a link up to photos for the episode 1 stuff.

  4. Found it, but it looks like the ebay bidding period already expired. No worries, if someone else is interested, go ahead and sell

  5. Haha nah it's just for the picture. Pay no mind to the actual auction (ended a month ago or so). They're still available for you. I'll figure out the shipping soon!