Thursday, April 7, 2011

Malakili: Rancor Man!

Formerly working for Circus Horrificus for seven seasons without being eaten (a record for them), Malakili was sold to Jabba the Hutt after an incident with an animal mauling audience memebers. He carried out his duties for Jabba caring for his exotic and deadly pets. He grew especially attached to the jewel of Jabba's collection--the rancor. The rancor arrived on Tatooine after escaping its containment on board a freighter and killing the crew. The ship crash landed on Tatooine and was discovered by a Jawa sandcrawler and eventually presented to Jabba as a birthday present. Malakili's life came crashing down when Luke closed the dungeon's door on the rancor's head. This Malakili figure, available from the Legacy Collection, is pretty sweet. He even has lightly airbrushed chest hair. He comes with a sick Gadderffi stick and a removable headdress. He looks awesome with the Jabba's palace crew and when he gets misty eyed because of his dead pet he can always cry on Giran's shoulder. Definitely pick up this, the best Malakili yet, figure! Highly Recommended!

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