Friday, April 22, 2011

Wes Janson: Into the Wes

An ace fighter pilot who joined the Rebellion some time before the battle of Yavin, Wes Janson was born on Taanab. He piloted a snowspeeder as part of Rogue Squadron during the battle of Hoth. He also flew under Wedge Antilles' command during the battle of Yavin. Wes would go on to fly with Rogue Squadron for many more missions during the New Republic era. One of the more present and recognized members of Rogue Squadron along with Rogue mainstays Tycho Celchu, and Hobbie Klivian. This Wes Janson figure comes as part of one of the first Rebel Pilot Legacy pack as part of the Evolutions series put out by Hasbro. Wes Janson shares pieces of his figure with Kesin Ommis (included in another Pilot Pack). He comes with a removable helmet and a DH-17 blaster rifle. This Wes comes in his Battle of Hoth Snow Speeder pilot flight suit and features a pretty decent likeness to his onscreen counterpart Ian Liston--this sculpt feature's Wes's ever present impish smirk. Interestingly enough Ian Liston's primary role in TESB was as an Imperial AT-AT gunner, who, fires at Wes's/his own Snowspeeder. He was asked later to fill in as a snowspeeder pilot when the original actor fell ill. Awesome trivia! This is an excellent figure! Highly recommended!

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