Thursday, April 14, 2011

Raptor Squad: Bantha

Code Name: Bantha TK-1097
Species: Human
Skills: Heavy weapons proficiency, hostile environment survival training, long range artillery use, scouting
Weapon(s): T-21 heavy repeating rifle
Gear: supplies for up to six squad mates including: survival gear, ammunition (multiple types), rations, 2 portable compact field structures, basic mechanical tools.

                           "I forgot how quiet space could be... Nothing like the sounds of the desert." ---Bantha

TK-1097 is a workhorse. Like the creature he's codenamed after TK-1097 is a beast of burden. Accustomed to long marches and seemingly able to shoulder any burden, he moves across the battle field through enemy fire with sheer determination. TK-1097 served in the Mos Eisley garrison before the infamous "droid event". He was placed in charge training new recruits for the garrison leading recruits into the desert to test their survival skills. Ambushed by Tusken Raiders deep in Begger's Canyon, TK-1097, outnumbered and left for dead, TK-1097 fought and killed his attackers. Badly wounded, his armor cracked and dented, TK-1097 managed to survive. He was designated MIA and assumed he had succumbed to a sandstorm in the desert. In the midst of a raging sandstorm TK-1097 managed to climb onto the back of one of the Tusken Raider's mounts and ride back to the garrison headquarters. As if back from the dead TK-1097 appeared on the back of a Tusken Bantha--thus earning him the nickname "Bantha". Bantha readily accepted the offer to join Raptor Squad. 

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