Sunday, March 6, 2011

"A Wreched Hive of Scum and Villainy!"

If you've ever wondered if was the only place to score out-of-production goodies, hard to find exclusives, loose individual figures, think again! A little known site (although it's getting more and more popular) that I discovered way back when it first started helped me get a lot of my newer collection pieces. Almost all of my clone troopers, battle packs, and exclusives came from this place--and all for a fraction of their costs in stores or at online retailers. They sell everything from vintage new-in-box Kenner vehicles and figures, to brand new on the shelves now items. But the best part (I think) is that all the proceeds go to charity. This company also employs many individuals living with special needs and disabilities.

I'm talking of course about The Good Will Store's online website Simply go to the website and click on their "search" option. There you can enter any keywords you want. I usually use very generic phrases like "Star War" or "Jedi" or "Trooper" and hundreds of results will pop up for all kinds of goodies. Don't be surprised if you find some of the merchandise mislabeled. The people who post the stuff online often aren't fans of the films and don't know. Use that to some advantage in finding items that may be more rare for less.

Each auction starts off around $4 - $6 depending on the amount or rarity of what the item(s) is/are. Unlike Ebay where you bid a single increment and then the price goes up, on you can enter a bid well above the starting or current asking price and have the asking price remain the same. When people bid on the item and if their bids are under your amount the price stays at their maximum bid. i.e. an item costs $5 initially. I bid $35. The price still appears to be $5. Bidder X bids $10. The price is now $10 and I remain the high bidder. Should bidder Y come along and bid $40 the price becomes $35 and I am no longer the highest bidder. I hope that makes sense. You'll see as you go. It's pretty easy to walk away with some amazing deals. I got my Death Star briefing pack for $33 shipping included about $10 -$15 lower than the original store prices. Keep in mind shipping is a bit steep abut $15 unless they have a flat rate. Usually they do it by weight charging $5 a pound. Most items will say they weigh a pound or two even if we all know they don't. But hey the money goes to a great cost!

Just today I found a Commander Cody new on card from the recent Vintage Collection up for auction. Check it out! Commander Cody (<----- click here) Post a comment or two if you find any deals on here! I'd love to know about it and do an article on your finds!

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