Friday, March 25, 2011

Fett for Fett

 Because Adam Fett asked for it:

Adam Fett, a huge Boba, Jango, and all things Mandalorian and Fett fan wanted to see Boba with a new head. A head that looked more like his father's (wait isn't it his face too?). The TVC Boba Fett's face looks kind of squashed into the white balaclava and it's a bit expressionless. Where's the sinister bad ass bounty hunter face? Turns out it's under the Imperial Tie Pilot helmets. Yep. Hasbro is releasing Tie Pilots from ROTJ with clone heads. Which makes no sense canonically because, as we know, the Empire stopped using clones in their ranks long before ROTJ. The clone heads are also under the stormtrooper helmets, and Snow Troopers, and AT-AT drivers. This Tie Fighter head on Boba has the mean sinister looking scowl that should be under his helmet. Not the clueless guy in the white balaclava. Unfortunately the helmet doesn't fit over the new head. Probably cause it's too cool looking to be covered up.

Thanks for the request Adam Fett. This was a great idea!


  1. Without the Mandalorian armor and helmet, Boba breaks the bad guy stereotype. His face usually looks calm and serene, and doesn't have a scowl, mustache, leer, grimace and all facial features associated with villainy. Which makes him all the more deadlier. Imagine your History teacher being the numero uno hitman in the galaxy (shudder!)

  2. It's true. I never thought of that. He does kind of break the stereotype. Mustaches don't really seem to have much place in the Star Wars world, except on Biggs' face lol. Maybe that's why he died. Haha. Maybe it's so that when he wants to be totally anonymous and non-threatening and blend in Fett removes the armor and helmet and goes shopping like everyone else. ;)

  3. On mustaches: Maybe because Chewie already had so much facial (and body) hair? LOL Obi Wan and Qui Gon had full beards. And yes, they all died: Qui Gon and Obi via Maul's and Vader's sabers, Chewie via the moon of Serpindal. Ouch!

  4. True beards are more present. General Jan Dodonna has one, Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon, Ki-Adi Mundi had a goatee, I'm pretty sure they all died lol. Sucks to get a "Moon to the face!" but heck, what an epic way to die!