Saturday, March 5, 2011

Collector's Spotlight: Tales From the Shelves.

As promised here's another edition of Collector's Spotlight. I said last time that I'd do an article on  an (in)famous collector's collection from a collector who has his own Jet pack! He helped me to make this blog (AFE) a reality with his encouragements and answers to my newbie (nooby) questions. He also has contributed to my blog posts with comments.

He has a collection that rivals even my own, and because he's a tech savvy guy, he's got video tours of them up on for us all to drool over!

This time we're featuring Flyguy of with his awesome shelves and shelves and shelves of figures, Legos, statues, busts, bobble heads, and more! He even tells us the secret to how he bought/made his awesome displays (lucky us!) complete with lights, clear bases for his figures, and glass shelves. Be sure to check out all 6 videos of his digital video tour, as he takes us through each level of his extensive collection. The videos are available on for your viewing pleasure.

Simply follow this link here:

Flyguy doesn't just stop at collecting, he also maintains an exciting Star Wars blog (as mentioned before, with tons of rich content, reviews, humor, HD photos, event coverage, podcasts, videos, and more! Tune in daily to for a daily dose of all things Star Wars collecting and geek out in style! He accepts comments and replies regularly to them on his posts so feel free to use your Google/Blogger account(s) when commenting.

A truly inspiring and great collection!

We give the official Action Figure Empire Salute to Flyguy and his brain child

Thanks and stay awesome! 


  1. I drooled like a jealous Hutt when I saw his priceless gems. I'd love to get a hand on his collections but as history will tell us, you don't mess around with someone who owns a jetpack.

  2. Cheers buddy way to kind, but thank you none the less! : )

  3. No problem! Happy to spotlight amazing collections and their collectors! Not sure what collection to do next but it will be a worthy one too! Cheers!