Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bossk: A Trandoshan For Hire

By Request for Jedi_Randy:

The Gorn (Star Trek) has nothing on Bossk. Bossk would never be defeated by an arrogant man in a yellow shirt with a bamboo tube full of rocks and dirt. Never. No he's a fierce Trandoshan bounty hunter--from a race of notorious slavers that mainly prey on Wookies. Bossk, one of the bounty hunters hired by the Empire to find Solo and the Falcon, was beaten to the punch along with his fellow hunters by Fett. A rival of Fett and his other competion, Bossk occasionally teamed up with other hunters such as Zuckuss and 4-LOM. He's bad to the (wookie) bone--his name even means "Devours his prey" in Dosh (the Trandoshan language). Trandoshans are one of the only races in the galaxy that are tough enough to go after wookies and be able to walk away. As an action figure Bossk is no less awesome. Maybe more so because he's at our mercy to be posed and photographed. This updated version, released as part of the Saga Legends line (might be a few left on shelves still), features tons of articulation, a removable flight suit collar, his signature blaster rifle with an extra long strap, and tons of detail. Jedi_Randy of the blog Tales From the Mos Eisley Carinderia ( mentioned wanting to see Bossk face off with Boba Fett. Had a lot of fun with this shoot. Definitely recommend this figure! Seek Bossk out and hunt him down. He's worth it. Highly recommended!


  1. Hey thanks for accommodating my request! Bossk is definitely one of Fett's most dangerous rivals, a ruthless monster of a mercenary who without any qualms murdered and ate his own father Cradossk to seize leadership of the Bounty Hunters' Guild. (He actually started young by eating his unhatched siblings). Bossk was probably the only bounty hunter to have successfully captured Fett, in Slave 1 no less. Fett however managed to escape and conned Bossk back as a favor. For all of his cruelty, rage and run-ins with the baddest beings in the galaxy, Bossk is one of the lucky few who successfully retired from bounty hunting

  2. No problem Jedi_Randy. Had a lot of fun taking those pictures! Yeah you know your Bossk history! I loved him from his first snarl on screen. How much does a Trandoshan get paid to snarl? And I loved him even more as an enemy in Dark Forces the old computer game. He may have survived when the space station he was living on blew up... or many not have.