Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jabba The Hutt and Oola: The Dance of Death

Jabba Desilijic Tiure aka Jabba The Hutt was one of the most successful Hutt crime lords in the galaxy. Dealing directly with criminals, bounty hunters, mercenaries, smugglers, grifters, and other denizens of the Star Wars universe, Jabba built his empire on treachery, lies, and intuition. A ruthless double and triple dealer Jabba employed the likes of Boba Fett, Bossk, Dengar, 4-LOM and Zuckuss, IG-88, Greedo, and others to carry out his dirty work. He was also the victim of many assassination attempts although it was Princess Leia who ultimately killed him. Choked by his own slave chain, Jabba would die on his sail barge above the sarlacc Pit of Carkoon. On board the sail barge  was also a bomb intended to kill Jabba--one of the many plots his seemingly loyal subjects tried to pull off almost daily. When we first see Jabba (in the non-special editions without the ridiculous scene with Jabba in docking bay 94) he is seated on his throne with the young Twi'lek Oola, his personal slave girl, dancing for him. Jabba seems to have grown tired of Oola's refusal to dance, because he pulls her--half strangling her--by her leash over the Rancor pit's trap door. He hits a secret button and Oola is sent to her doom--death by Rancor. Hasbro and Walmart have teamed up to bring this awesome exclusive pack to plastic life. It comes with a brand new, fully articulated, soft rubber and hard plastic version of Jabba, a fully articulated Oola with slave collar and leash and a soft-goods exotic dancing leotard, a Salacious Crumb figure with some decent articulation (not pictured), Jabba's hooka pipe and rack (pictured), lots of hard plastic cushions to place around Jabba (not pictured), his throne dais which is on wheels and has real metal rings in the mouths of the gargoyle accents on the thrones (for the subjects to pull him into place), and a hard plastic bit of torn cloth that fits over one corner of the dais (pictured). This is one of the best sets released by Hasbro to date! Forget what you know about Jabba action figures and playsets, this is the one you need! The throne is beautifully tooled to look like real stone, it includes some real metal pieces, and comes with all the accessories to create the perfect Jabba's palace environment. I have used this set in many photo shoots so far, both as a Jabba's palace scene, and as a backdrop for photo reviews for Jabba's courtiers and guards. Something makes figures pop when they're placed on or around this set. Rule the Hutt crime syndicate from your throne with this incredible set! Snatch this up before almost anything else you may want/need. There may be a few still lingering out there. It retails for about the same as the Walmart exclusive Tie Bomber and does not disappoint. Look we even have to make a new rating: Extremely Highly Recommended!


  1. Bib Fortuna should've been the Twi'lek Rancor appetizer instead of Oola. I can't figure out why Jabba made him majordomo in the first place

  2. Lol I actually like Bib. He creeped me out a lot as a kid... worm head looking pale dude with red eyes... yeah it was cruel of Jabba to kill Oola and in that way... but! I was thinking it over the other day. We just recently watche ROTJ again and I never realized how short the Jabba sequences are. As a kid I remembered them being very long and dramatic and dark. I realized in order for it to seem more justified that Leia kills Jabba they had to make Jabba seem totally ruthless and evil. So killing Oola helps to make him seem more sinister and evil. He is a giant slug after all :)