Wednesday, March 23, 2011

IG-88: Second Best in the Galaxy

From his first appearance in The Empire Strikes Back, IG-88 has always seemed so sinister. Featuring a very unique looking droid body, IG-88 differs from the droids we're familiar with, and makes even 4-LOM look tame in comparison. IG-88--the supercomputer assassin droid turned bounty hunter and fierce rival of Boba Fett. Even a droid couldn't best Boba. Hasbro's IG-88 is impressively accurate. With tons of attention to detail and lots of articulation IG-88 towers over Boba Fett and the other bounty hunters and strikes fear into the heart of his quarry. He comes with his signature blasters, the E-11 (in the movies its a DAS-430) Stormtrooper rifle and a pulse cannon (or Imperial sniper rifle, depending). he also features his bandoleer with grenades (affixed), a melee weapon, and a holster (empty) that fits DL-44 blasters. The list of weapons IG-88 uses is long and full of illegal and deadly devices. The only draw back to this figure is the somewhat flimsy nature of it. While IG-88 is a bit spindly and lacks the body mass most other droids seem to have (his arms are like pipes) his legs have a tendency to pop off. He is a bit fragile. Definitely a great figure despite being fragile. This is the best IG-88 released by Hasbro yet! Complete your bounty hunter line-up with him now! There are still a few lingering on the shelves in the saga legends sections. Recommended!


  1. Definitely a lean, mean killing machine!

  2. It slices, it dices, it takes you to Jabba the Hutt for a thousand credits.