Monday, March 28, 2011

Bane Malar: Mystery Man of Jabba's Palace

What makes Bane Malar so cool? Is it his anonymity? His 1950s era Sci-Fi looking space helmet? His psychic abilities? The fact that he was cut out of ROTJ? Is it that he's another bounty hunter with a cool helmet? Or all of these things? His helmet does look a bit like a Kree soldier's helmet from vintage Marvel Comics. To my knowledge he was the first character to be named "Bane" (then Darth Bane, and Cad Bane) in the Star Wars universe. It's a cool name for sure! And like Boba Fett, we never got to see under his helmet (in the Original Trilogy). Still to this day we don't know who or what is under that helmet--we just know he's a paranoid glitterstim spice addict and a telepath with some nominal force powers. His costume covers every inch of his body and he carries an assault-rifle-looking projectile rifle. Don't know about you but that's enough for me to make him awesome. Hasbro's Bane Malar figure doesn't pull any punches either. It leaves his appearance and true identity to our imaginations, he comes with his awesome rifle (I think my favorite rifle made by Hasbro so far!), a standard Jabba's Palace goon blaster pistol, and an awesome dark blue jumpsuit and double bandoleers of slugs for his rifle. I love these kinds of characters. The ones we wish we knew more about--what he looks like--what his starship looks like. The way Boba Fett used to be until they turned him into a whiny clone kid. Bane comes fully articulated and ready for action. Definitely pick him up if you like bounty hunters. Highly recommended.

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