Wednesday, March 23, 2011

NOW TAKING Photo Requests and Commissions!

By now you may have seen the new photo sets that are up on the blog. Hopefully you've enjoyed them as much as I have enjoyed taking and posting them. I have a background in photography, and have studied it for many years. I am excited to be working in this smaller scale with high definition professional grade photos. 

I want to offer to you, my readers, and to the Star Wars/action figure collector universe, the chance to request the photo(s) you want to see. 

The photos I take for you can be many different things. They can be commissioned pieces done for you exclusively. I can use my own figures, or you can send me any figure(s) I don't yet have for them. I will take the photos, return your figure(s) and send you the photo(s) and or/publish them here on AFE. These pictures can also be included in AFE's regular blog articles and figure reviews. If you get a commissioned piece feel free to use it where and how you like. Please credit it to AFE.

I will use any props, accessories, backdrops, or other items you wish. This is not exclusive to Star Wars figures either. Marvel, DC, GI Joe, etc. All action figures welcome. However non Star Wars action figures photos will be up to you to publish as AFE is strictly a Star Wars blog.

This a serious offer. So do take me up on it. I'd be happy to do this for anyone interested.

I can also offer tutorials and visual aids on how to take photos of your own collections of this quality and caliber.

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