Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Rancor Craves More!

Can't get enough Star Wars blog goodness? Jonesing for some Jawas? Craving another Corellian? Wanting more Wampa in your life? Then look to your right on my blog here. Under the icon for "Follow" (which you really should click so we can link up our blogs) click on my followers. a mini-page will pop out and you'll be able to see what other awesome blogs and websites they follow. It's like an extended reading list! I have a ton on mine (the one with the little Stormtrooper helmet as the avatar). Click on the blog names from the lists and head into hyperspace!

There are blogs about custom figures and those that make them, people who make Star Wars inspired art, toy reviews, exciting event (comic cons, Star Wars events) coverage, and other cool stuff! Don't forget to click "Follow" on the blogs you find and check back here, and with them as well for more updates and posts.

Or peruse the "Awesome Links" section! Check out my recommended (mostly non-blogs) websites for more Star Wars info, action figures and toys, and places to find and shop for awesome Star Wars swag!

Get cracking and get your fix of all things Star Wars!

I'm off to the cantina for a round with Snaggletooth.



  1. And a round of Merenzane Gold on the house, courtesy of jedi_randy's Mos Eisley Carinderia!

  2. Awesome Dude! I think you may have been able to calm all them feisty aliens so they don't disturb any young farm boys with big destinies ahead of them ;)