Thursday, March 3, 2011

Smuggler's Delight

I figured I'd post an entry about the awesome figures you can find on for even the most thrifty of collectors. If you see the Yarna D'Al'Gargan figure on the link to the left

<----(there) you'll notice Amazon's price is pretty cheap to start off, but if you check the "New and Used" section there's someone selling it for $0.01! A cent! That's pretty awesome! I often comb through the Amazon listings trying to find great bargains like this one. I've attached links to a bunch of really cheap Star Wars figures that are essential for rounding out your collections. With a figure that costs a cent, you can do that and get away with only paying the shipping!

I'll race you to the checkout!


  1. Haha yeah! I just picked up Yarna for a cent, Bane Malar for $1.88, a Rebel Honor Guard for $2.35, and a Biggs Darklighter (in Tatooine clothes) for $2.20 Basically I just had to pay shipping :)

  2. Good for you my friend! I'm tempted to purchase these goodies, but I doubt if I could afford the shipping costs to the Philippines though

  3. Oh wow yeah that'd be pretty expensive! My order didn't end up going through due to credit card fraud protection (silly HSBC). So instead I stopped by my local Walmart where I found an AT-AT for $49.00 (only 3 left! Anyone want one?) This is by far the cheapest price I've ever seen them for! Check your Walmarts and see if they're on sale there!

    Blog entry with the AT-AT and Rebel Armored Snow Speeder coming soon!