Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Workin' For The (Imperial) Man: Tie Bomber Garage!

Our Tie Bomber needed some work after its last bombing run so we landed it on the flight deck and called in the ground crew. You can see them replacing the cockpit heating and cooling couplings, scraping carbon scoring off the wings, replacing the dorsal actuators, they've even removed the pilot chair so they can rewire a loose control toggle in the steering column. An Imperial mine laying droid is checking over the proton bombs and scanning and logging their serial numbers to better track them to their intended targets. We have an imperial flight coordinator (on ladder) coming aboard to inspect the maintenance and handy work and scan for a complete diagnostic. There is an Imperial technician (standing on the bomb-dropping pod) checking the flight records for the Bomber and cross referencing its by pilot and ship mechanics to determine any mechanical flaws. We even have a technician removing a mynock that lodged itself under the frontal bomb bay pod. We can see two pilots anxiously awaiting the retrofitting to be finished so they can resume their duties.

The Hasbro Tie Bomber, released as part of The Vintage Collection/Shadows of The Darkside is one of the best new vehicles we've gotten to date! It's sleek blue paint job is right out of The Empire Strikes Back and it features a nearly flawless likeness to the models used in the movies! While the Tie Bomber appears with its intended bombing purposes during the asteroid hunt sequence during TESB, the Tie Bomber is also used as a Tie Boarding craft during Return of The Jedi. Either way this ship is one awesome addition to any Star Wars collection. It comes with a removable pilot chair, opening cockpit, six concussion bombs, real firing missile and tons of attention to detail! Highly Highly Recommended!


  1. You know if the Empire spent this much maintenance on the rest of their fleet, they may have actually won the war.

  2. Haha that's true! But think of all the people who built the death star! Besides they were sending these bombers out into asteroids after the Falcon ;)

  3. What a great series of photos, nice job on these. I agree that the Tie Bomber mold is one of the best new ships to come down the pike in a while. I have the Power of the Jedi release and it is among my favorites. I am digging the new missile feature on this one though.