Wednesday, June 15, 2011

K-3PO: Not C-3PO

We first see K-3PO in The Empire Strikes Back in Echo Base as he is assisting the Rebels' efforts to evade detection and thwart invasion. K-3PO originally belonged to a starfighter pilot named Arhul Narra--who fought for the Old Republic during the Clone Wars. Arhul stored his personal files from his battles during the era of the Republic. When Arhul joined the Rebellion he continued to store valuable data including incripted classified files. Having thousands of military stratagems, histories, and training files stored in his memory began to have side effects for K-3PO. Namely he became a tactical expert--learning more all the time. Earning the respect of Alliance High Command, K-3PO was placed in command of all droids at Alliance High Command. On Hoth he was again in charge of the Alliance droid pool though he was dismantled during the Imperial Invasion. All was not lost with K-3PO, however, as his memory core was salvaged and dumped into Rogue Squadron's protocol droid M-3PO. C-3PO and K-3PO never got along very well, as we see in TESB, as C-3PO saw K-3PO's utilitarian military duties as beneath a droid of his verbal communication skills. This K-3PO figure was repackaged and included in the Target Exclusive Defense of Hoth Battle Pack. A great addition to any Rebel base, K-3PO is fully articulated and pops apart into six pieces so you can dismantle him during your Imperial Invasions! Recommended!

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