Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fi-Ek Sirch: Jedi Sirch!

Fi-Ek Sirch was a male Nikto Jedi Knight who answered the call for Jedi to come to the aid of Anakin Skywalker, Padme, and Obi-Wan when they were held captive on Geonosis. As part of the awesome battle the ensues in the Geonosis arena Fi-Ek enjoys a few seconds on scree. He ultimately perishes during the battle and not much is known about him other than that brief encounter with the Separatists. This figure comes as an update to a figure released during the Attack of the Clones series called "Nikto Jedi" an unnamed Fi-Ek Sirch from the same Geonosis scenes. He was later given a name when released as part of The Vintage Collection and updated thoroughly from his stiff counterpart. Fi-Ek sports a soft-goods burlap-looking cloak, a soft-goods skirt/bottom of his Jedi tunic, a saber-hilt that pops into his belt, an ignited pale blue light-saber, and a ton of articulation. As a huge fan of alien Jedi this figure rocks! Hopefully we'll see Fi-Ek's story developed more through comics or novels! Recommended! 

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  1. To come from nowhere only to be cut down in our prime...perhaps then it is our destiny to become playthings in the hands of the Force....