Monday, June 27, 2011

Wooof: Jedi Fodder!

Wooof was a smuggler with a penchant for gambling. As an excellent pilot, Wooof, was contracted by Jabba The Hutt to pilot his many crafts, including his private luxury yacht. He moonlighted as an assistant to the skiff master Barada and worked as a mechanic on Jabba's skiffs. Owing a huge sum of money to Jabba in the form of a gambling debt, Wooof was put to work to repay what he'd borrowed or stolen. Wooof was a skiff guard during the battle over the Pit of Carkoon and died when Luke Skywalker redirected a blaster bolt with his lightsaber into Wooof's body. Hasbro released a Wooof figure as part of the Vintage Collection's ROTJ wave and what an awesome figure he is! He comes fully articulated with soft-goods skirt/tunic that resembles animal fleece, a vibro axe, a hold out blaster, a removable bandoleer, and a removable headdress. If you don't have Wooof yet your Jabba's palace is lacking an amazing figure! You might still find one lurking on a peg hook somewhere! Hurry! Highly Recommended!

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