Tuesday, June 14, 2011

General Weir: Storm Commando Commander!

General Weir, in charge of a garrison on Tralus was a cunning and maniacal Imperial Military leader. One week after the battle of Endor he and his troops attacked the Corellian city of Coronet as a demonstration that Imperial power was not yet fully extinguished. His attack was met by Luke Skywalker and members of Rogue Squadron. Rebel pilot Ten Numb was captured by Weir's forces and killed during an interrogation session by Weir's own hands. He was subsequently captured and arrested by the Rogues. A fierce advocate of the Empire's Humanocentric beliefs, Weir had always studied the methods of interrogation and torture. Created for a 3-issue comic book run entitled Rogue Leader, Weir was produced as part of the Comic Pack line and released packed with one of his Storm Commandos. Weir makes a pretty cool figure. A high ranking Imperial in full battle regalia--other than General Veers. He sports a black Scout Trooper boddy--standard for Storm Commandos--a red double bandoleer, a removable helmet with red view-plate, red paint detailing on his belt, and a standard Scout Trooper blaster pistol that fits neatly into his ankle holster. I've always liked Storm Commandos and who better to lead our collection of them but General Weir? If you are a comic fan or an Imperial army building nut definitely grab this comic pack! Recommended!

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