Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rebel Pilot Protest: Bioware In League With The Empire?

Here's my little protest of Bioware's discrimination in the up coming Star Wars The Old Republic. If you missed my post about it, Bioware, the video game company that created one of the best Star Wars story based RPGs, Knights of The Old Republic, has banned any homosexual relationships in their newest game. Saying that "These terms (gay, lesbian, bi, homosexual), do not exist in star wars". So in light of that silliness (why would Star Wars discriminate? Have you seen the creatures they serve in Chalmun's Cantina? lol) and in support of our LGBTQ fan brothers and sisters, I give you the first (to my knowledge) openly lesbian X-Wing Pilot:

Meet Kixxy Zoulou, one of the Rebellion's most gifted pilots, Kixxy joined up right after the battle of Hoth. Having been born into modest royalty on Talravin, one of the core worlds of the Galaxy. Kixxy, the daughter of Arch Duke Kalmalaax Zoulou and Countess Erryssa Mal Zoulou, wanted for little as a child. Although accustomed to the finer things in life, Kixxy spent most of her days with her head cocked back and her neck craning up at the sky, watching the various space traffic entering and leaving the Talravin ports.  When she was old enough she entered the CorSec academy on Talravin and quickly became a star pupil. Kixxy eventually graduated the academy and left Talravin to join the Corellian based CorSec armada. It was about this time that the Empire began to dissolve the CorSec fleets and absorb their pilots--or destroy them. Aware of the prejudices and humanocentric agenda put forth by the Empire, Kixxy was awash in turmoil over what to do and where to go. As she awaited the inevitable involvement of her CorSec fighter wing she happened to meet another brash young pilot, Pasha Stormsong. A young woman, Pasha was also an accomplished CorSec pilot operating in a special ops unit as a belly gunner. With a 45 ship kill record under her belt, Pasha was something of a living legend. Kixxy and Pasha became fast friends and flew many missions together. Kixxy's admiration for Pasha grew to adoration. To Kixxy's surprise Pasha felt much the same way about the Talrivan Princess and their friendship and playful rivalry blossomed into love. A love threatened by a growing darkness. Pitted against the Empire's desire to wrest control of the core worlds, CorSec's numbers began to wane. Travelling home to Talravin on some much needed R and R, Kixxy discovered, to her horror, that even her home planet had fallen to the Empire. Disguising herself as to avoid detection by the Stormtroopers she ventured to her father's palace only to find that the royal families had been enslaved and taken off world. It was then that Kixxy knew without any doubt that she would never hold any love for the Empire. Returning to the fleet on Corellia she found that a group of pilots had banded together and planned to rendezvous with members of the Rebellion and lend their ships and skills to their fight against the Empire. Kixxy wept as she related the story of her fallen city to her squadron mates and friends. After pulling a routine patrol run, Kixxy, Pasha and their friends broke off from their return-flight and made for the Hoth System to meet Pasha's Rebel contacts. It was at the meeting that the pilots were ambushed by a squadron of interceptors. Taken by surprise the Imperials ripped through the CorSec and Rebel ships with a hail of laser fire. Scrambling to their ships, Kixxy and Pasha quickly embraced, kissing briefly and said goodbye before flying to engage the enemy. Little did they know it would be the last time the two would see each other. Pasha's fighter was caught in a flurry of chaff missiles intended to baffle a tie bomber's droid-guided torpedo. The miniature explosives detonated into her exhaust ports tearing holes through her fuselage. Going out hot befitted the young fighter pilot  and she took two bombers with her. Kixxy's family gone, and her love snuffed out by the Empire's forces, she had nothing to lose and so she dedicated her life to the Rebellion. Taking down 22 fighters the day of the ambush, Kixxy would join the Rebellion and spearhead the forming of Banshee Squadron--a wing of heavily modified X-Wing fighters akin to Rogue Squadron. She lead countless raids, escort duties and ground missions before returning to Talravin to assume her father's throne during the New Repulbic Era. She and the First Lady of Talravin (her wife) helped to create the Talravian pilot academy, and Talon Squadron, the New Republic's Talravian based fighter wing. Kixxy's triumphs in the face of hopeless loss and great tyranny will long be remembered...


  1. I thought I read some time ago they WERE allowing same-sex relationships in KOTOR (there was a huge outcry on the game's forums at the time), so I can only assume they've since had a change of heart. It's odd, given that the game is being published by EA, who produce the Sims series of games, in which there are no such restrictions.

    Not that it matters, as KOTOR is looking quite dire and I for one won't be playing it, anyway!

  2. Apologies - I should be calling it SWTOR, not KOTOR - that was the previous series of games from Bioware...

  3. They haven't allowed it in gameplay, just lifted the ban on their forums. As far as I know you're free to discuss it but not actually do anything about it. Which seems bizarre to me as many of their other games allow same sex matching. Like the Sims, as you pointed out. So in light of this, I've created this figure. My hopes for her are to have her inducted into Star Wars lore officially. Might take a while and a lot of work, but I'm sure the Star Wars community can help out. They came through like crazy for Eli!