Friday, May 27, 2011

Mandalorian Cartoon: First Appearance Boba Fett!

It's said that only a true Star Wars fan can stand to sit through the Holiday special. Released between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, The Holiday Special is one of the cheesiest, corniest, most often lampooned creations to bear the Star Wars brand. Featuring cartoons, live action, and lots of muppetry, it centers around the Wookie holiday of Life Day--the Star Wars answer to our Earth Celebration of Christmas. Chock full of bad acting and jokes that fall flat there is however one redeeming quality to the film and that is an animated sequence that introduces us to one of the best and most badass characters in the Galaxy--Boba Fett. The cartoon follows a loose plot featuring a mystical talisman found by Chewbacca that possesses powers that make Chewbacca act strangely. After nearly crashing into the Rebels' secret asteroid base he heads for a nearby planet. Luke and the two droids go to search for the renegade Wookie and crash into a pink ocean. There they meat a gravelly voiced trident wielding Mandalorian who, riding on the back of what looks like a pink plesiosaur agrees to help the Rebels look for Chewbacca. They find the Wookie and Boba Fett double crosses them (of course) as he's really in league with Darth Vader (of course). The talisman was infected with a sleeping virus (no really a virus that puts humans to sleep) and thus Chewie must tie and hang upside down, the sleeping Han and Luke (it's to keep them alive, obviously!) Chewie and Fett must go into the city to find a cure for the virus. They run into an Imperial entanglement and Chewie blasts them, though Fett doesn't react--very suspicious! It's in the city that Fett contacts Vader and we learn of the Mandalorian's real intents in helping the Rebels. Namely to double cross them and take the talisman. Returning with the cure they administer it to the sleeping humans, and Fett reveals his treachery. Han and Chewie and Luke are more than he can handle and so Fett blasts off through the Falcon's hatch with the Talisman. And that is the anticlimactic first appearance of Boba Fett. Despite the ridiculousness of the cartoon and Holiday special, Boba Fett redeems his character in Empire--only to lose all respect as he dies so easily and falls into the sarlacc pit. He escapes! Yes he does, but not according to Lucas. This first appearance Boba Fett figure was released as part of the 30th Anniversary Collection and is a repaint of the Vintage Original Trilogy Collection Fett from 2004. This is definitely one of my new favorite figures and it's pretty neat to have a realistically done version of the cartoon appearance. Now they need to make a cartoon version. He comes with a new holster, an electrospear, new brown soft-goods cape, removable rotating targeting antenna, a blaster pistol, and a jet pack. If you're a Mandalorian fan or a Fett fanatic then you need to add this one to your collection! Highly Recommended!

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