Friday, May 27, 2011

Custom Creation: Rebel Commanding Officer!

Since joining The Imperial Shipyards I've gotten back into doing more custom figures. But how do you create custom figures without disassembling your collection or going broke? Simple! Create kit-bash and head-swap customs! Most every Star Wars figure made in the last five years has at least a removable head. From there you can pop-and-swap limbs and torsos and even joints to create a variety of new figures. Or simply add a combination of new accessories to existing figures and create whatever you can imagine! Take our Rebel CO (Commanding Officer) above. Then once you've got a newly created custom created you can share your handiwork with your admirers and give them the "recipe" (parts list) used to create the figure so that they can create them for their own collections. And you thought Legos were the only toys that you could "build whatever you imagined" with. If you don't like your creation, or still want the original figure for your collection (like we do) you can always pop them apart again and put them back on display. Our Rebel Commander up there leads his troops into combat armed with a signature Rebel DH-17 and his scouting electrobinoculars.  Be sure to let us know what you come up with! Post is here under the comments section or on our Facebook Page!

To get you started here's the recipe for our Rebel Commander:

Rebel Honor Guard body and head (30th Anniversary Collection)
Rebel Commando trench coat (TVC Rebel Commando)
Rebel Commando Helmet (TVC Rebel Commando)
Leia's DH-17 (TVC Hoth Gear Leia)
Han Solo's Electrobinoculars (Target Exclusive 9 figure TESB Set) Or (Vintage Original Trilogy Collection)

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