Sunday, May 15, 2011

Desert Rose: Final Cut!

Here it is, the much anticipated digital masterpiece by Art deWhill, of The Imperial Shipyards, and an all around master of digital art. This stunning painting (100% computer made) was inspired by/based on our custom Female Sandtrooper figure from a while back. Art has really outdone himself this time and we're thrilled and honored to feature his work here on the blog! There's a chance you've even seen his work outside of AFE or the Imperial Shipyards, and that's because Art's art (lol) has landed him some much deserved recognition. He's been featured on the cover of German Star Wars fan magazines, has a Hasbro Germany contract to do a commercial, and has been working on a series of cards for the Flag of Friendship group. You can follow Art and all his amazing work on his Facebook page: boettcherART
and of course on ISY: Art's digital works

Thank you again Art for this amazing piece of original work! Makes us want to go patrol the desert!

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