Saturday, February 5, 2011

Raptor Squad Stormtroopers!

Let's face it, Stormtroopers are awesome! I love the figures and I love wearing Stormtrooper armor! Here I have my custom Raptor Squad--a group of 10 battle hardened troopers each with a special skill or two of their own. Together they make a fierce fighting force ready to tackle any battle. To comprise this group shot I've used troopers from the Entertainment Earth exclusive Joker Squad pack, a few saga legends troopers, a space trooper, an EVO and phasing Shadow Trooper from The Force Unleashed Toys 'R Us exclusive pack, a trooper from the Legacy Collection Dewback Rider Walmart exclusive, and a Sandtrooper or two. I was inspired by platoons and squads seen in war movies, the Joker Squad comic, and Delta Squad.
Soon to come I intend to do a profile of each member of the squad.

Raptor Squad:
Clockwise from the left: Back row:
TK-6677 Codename: Bantha. Supplies, medium weight weapons. TK-2223 Codename: Mynock. Repeater weapons, det packs. (Far right back row) TK-3490 Codename: Vapor. Gas grenade launcher, Jump-jet pack.

Front Row:
TK-2020 Codename: Squint. Ranged weapons, sniper rifles, scopes. EVO-334 Codename: Rancor. Heavy weapons, anti-personnel explosives, wrist lasers, nerve toxins, communications. TK-7899 Codename: Sarge. Light repeating rifles, command pistols. TK-6669 Codename: Basher. Blast absorbing armor, Incendiary devices, EMP launcher. TK-1155 Codename:
Hound. Anti-vehicle rocket launcher, T-21 light repeating rifle, supplies. TK-9889 Codename: Doc. Light repeating blaster, medical supplies, battlefield medical officer training. TK-0101 Codename: Ghost. Light Bending Shadowtrooper amror, Blastech E-11 rifle.

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