Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Good Man(dalorian) is Hard To Find!

I started this post with a picture of Montross the Mandalorian who betrayed Jango Fett's mentor, Jaster Mereel because his figure is perhaps the best incarnation of a Mandalorian I have ever gotten my hands on. Although he went on to compete with Jango for the role as the basis for the clone troopers, he makes a damn good action figure. Thanks to Entertainment Earth and their exclusive comic pack for bringing this guy into action figure reality! This figure uses parts of the Fett Evolution pack Boba Fett and some original pieces including forearms, shoulders, Belts, and borrows his legs and feet from the Fett Evolution pack Mandalore the Indomitable figure. He comes with some awesome accessories, a soft goods blue cape, new head sculpt, a Mitrinomon Z-6 jetpack, 2 new blaster pistols complete with double holsters, a new blaster rifle, a removable helmet, and an all new paint/color scheme. This is one solid figure. Great for posing and very flexibly made.

Next we have Jaster Mereel, the Mando that Montross betrayed. He comes packaged with Montross as part of the Entertainment Earth Mandalorian Comic Pack. This is also an awesome figure but a little stiff because he's mostly based on the Jango Fett from the Fett Evolutions pack. Personally as for aesthetics I have always been much more drawn to Boba Fett's style of piece-meal battle worn armor than the seemingly "too clean" look of Jango Fett's armor. Something has always looked stiff to me about this armor style and the figures seem to match. Don't get me wrong it's still a great figure, but something has always looked a little uncomfortable to me in these guys. This figure features a soft goods red cape, new belts, new blaster pistols, a new blaster rifle with affixed bayonet, a JT-12 jetpack, new head sculpt, removable helmet, and a new color/paint scheme. Still a solid figure, but compared to Montross Jaster Mereel looks a bit like the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz and he needs some oil.

Next we have Jango Fett from the Fett Evolution pack for reference to the afformentioned Jaster Mereel. Here we see Boba's father looking good in his bounty hunting togs. This time around Jango has been given a bit of weathered grit to his outfit especially on his belt and leg armor which is nice to see as he looks "too clean" in the movies for my taste. We see him here pointing his trademark Westar-34 blaster pistols directly at us as if we're his bounty. He also has a JT-12 jetpack and a removable hlemet. One critique to this figure is that he has more of a purple jumpsuit whereas in the films it's more of a blue color. Overall a decent figure, but I've always been a Boba man myself.

Next up is the K-Mart exclusive Jodo Kast. This figure is also based largely on the Fett Evolution pack Boba Fett with a new paint/color scheme and new head sculpt. He has the same features and accessories as Boba Fett--and should as he was a Mandalorian pretender. Jodo Kast thouhgt that he could steal Boba Fett's clientele by wearing the bounty hunter's signature Mandalorian armor and copying his methods. Jodo Kast didn't realize that it takes much more than the armor to make the man and with the help of sometimes friend and fellow hunter Dengar, Boba Fett tricks and traps Jodo Kast before besting him in single combat and leaving him for dead. This is an awesome figure--straight out of the comic book Boba Fett: Twin Engines of Destruction which I read and loved as a kid. Another great thing about this figure is that it can be used as a random Mandalorian not necessarily Jodo Kast or even (if you don't remove the helmet) as a Boba Fett from one of the old Marvel Star Wars comics where the vintage inking process didn't always capture accurate color schemes.

Finally we see a close up of Rohlan Dyre the Old Republic Mandalorian warrior turned bounty hunter. This is an awesome figure! Rohlan is part of the Entertainment Earth exclusive comic pack for the Old Republic comic series and comes with Jarael (another awesome figure). He comes with a knife with built in sheath, a new blaster pistol, new body sculpt, new head sculpt, and a removable jetpack with hose that connects to the all new helmet. The helmet is awesome in that it reminds me of a cross between a mandalorian helmet and a predator mask--especially with the hose that connects to it. The Mandalorian armor is right to my taste as well with a matching color scheme but with tons of wear and tear. There are dents and nicks and scuffs galore on this figure and they match the scars on Dyre's face. The red and silver with green diode accents really pop and work well with the light blue jumpsuit. Kudos to another great figure!

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