Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mmmmmm Pork(ins)!

Dialogue we never got to see:

Wedge: "Jek?"
Jek: "Just a second!"
Wedge: "Jek! You need to use evasive maneuvers"
Jek: "Hang on!"
Wedge: "Jek, pull up!"
Jek: "Any second!!!"
Wedge: They're right on your tail!"
Jek (not looking at all): "I see them! I can shake them!"
Wedge: "Jek! you're too close! roll left! Roll left! Weave right!"
Jek (sweating, tongue out, concentrating): Almost there!"
Wedge: "For god's sake man, pull up!"
Jek (to himself, but still on radio): "Any second now! Any second!"
Wedge: "Jek! ...Pull! Up! Dive! Roll!"
Jek (opening microwave oven): "Ah! Chili's done!"
Wedge: ...
Jek: "Mmmmm it's so delic--"
Wedge (to himself): "Well he died as he lived. Hungry."

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