Monday, July 25, 2011

Sky Girl: Rebel Pilot Pasha

Another amazing painting by Art De Whill of The Imperial Shipyards. This time his intergalactic skills have created Pasha, a Rebel pilot based on Kixxy Zoulou's back story. Art's painting is based on the custom Kixxy pilot we made here at AFE and we're beyond thrilled to see Art create Pasha! Once again we're floored by Art's Art! Check out Art's Facebook Page: Art De Whill

"Fly the friendly Rebel skies... unless you're an Imp"

Monday, July 18, 2011

Tycho Celchu: Ace Fighter Pilot!

Before the destruction of Alderaan at the hands of the Empire, Tycho Celchu grew to age and joined the Imperial Navy as a Tie Pilot. It was after the destruction of his home world that Tycho decided to defect from the Empire and join the rebel alliance. He quickly rose through the Rebellion's pilot core and became one of their most promising pilots. It was there that he met Wedge Antilles, another hot-shot pilot. He flew in both the battle of Hoth and the battle over Endor. When Wedge took over as Rogue Leader for Rogue squadron, Tycho quickly became his second in command. When Wedge left Rogue Squadron to form Wraith Squadron, Tycho assumed his friend's duties as Rogue Leader. After this Tycho was given permanent command of Rogue Squadron and eventually retired, marrying Leia's aid, Winter. During the battle of Endor Tycho piloted an A-Wing Starfighter--as a member of Green squadron, before trading in the interceptor class fighter for the standard X-Wing that became the signature of Rogue Squadron. Tycho is one of the best pilot characters the Star Wars Universe has to offer. If you're a fan of the Rogue Squadron comics or the novels then you know how cool it is to have this figure! Perhaps someday Hasbro will give us a Tycho in X-wing pilot flight suit. He comes fully articulated and ready for action with a removable helmet, helmet liner, and flight harness. If you are a fan of Rebel pilots like us, you definitely need a Tycho in your collection! Highly Recommended!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Willhuff Tarkin: Republic Senator

Before he was a Grand Moff and holding Vader's leash, Tarkin worked his way up through the Republic Senate. He even had a run in with the wily youth, Princess Leia, who among teasing Tarkin, also dropped a water balloon on him, sullying his above dress uniform. Destroying Alderaan seems a bit of an over reaction, but some people hold grudges. This unique Tarkin figure is from the Comic Pack series and comes with a poorly articulated Stormtrooper and the comic in which Tarkin first meets Leia. Although he lacks some of the articulation we've come to expect from the modern figures, this Tarkin gives us a glimpse into the past of one of the most notorious Imperials in history. Get yours today! And start building your Republic Senate!

Monday, July 4, 2011

A Custom Take On A Classic Story...

 Here we have our custom Star Wars take on the classic tale of Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde. Master Hyde, a brilliant healer, Jedi Master and Jedi scientist was working to perfect a serum of pure midichlorians to use to create force sensitive beings to help fill the ranks of the Jedi order. Deciding to test the serum on himself he was trasnformed into a hideous beast of the Dark Side--Darth Jekyll. The failed experiment created a man forever locked in turmoil--fighting against the two personas trapped within one body.

Master Hyde:

Darth Jekyll:

The never ending battle that rages in his very soul: