Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Buy A piece of AFE!

To our American readers (we still love our international readers, we just can't afford to ship to them):

Sad to say because of the economy and money being tight, I have decided (after much deliberation) to sell my Stormtrooper armor and accessories. They are all 100% 501st Legion Approved!!! I was a member for over a year with these items!
This is your chance to join the 501st Legion! Perfect for a costumer, LARPer, or just a collector!

Comes with resin-cast hand painted blaster! Holster! Unfinished Sandtrooper Backpack (needs work, but a great place to start from). Small orange shoulder pauldron (perfect for a child sized Sandy!) The best Stormtrooper boots out there! White Leather, Men's size 9! Black Officer Hat and officer belt!

 Stormtrooper Auction! <--CLICK!

The items are up on eBay for your bidding pleasure!

Good luck and I hope to see these items go to a reader or member of ISY!

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